Snowball Derby Results: December 9, 2019

A Monday Race: Five Flags Speedway results from the Super Late Model show

This race was schedule for Sunday but the weather wouldn’t allow that to happen. The fans have filled the stands for a Monday event in the Daytona 500 of Short Track Racing.

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Derek Thorn and Cole Butcher set the front row for the Super Late Model main event. 300 laps at the half-mile of 5 Flags Speedway are up next…

Snowball Derby

Laps: 300

Green flag, they run even into turn one and even off turn two. They remain side by side for several laps. Thorn finally gets the run on the bottom as Butcher gets loose on the outside.

Corey Heim is stopped on the apron in turn three. He never took the green. The caution is out.

Green, they run even into turn one. Thorn runs wide into turn three. Butcher has to get out of the gas as he’s moved up the track. Thorn retakes the lead.

Lap 19, Kyle Plott has a mechanical issue on the spindle. He can’t turn and he pounds the outside wall with the right side to bring the caution back out.

Green, Butcher washes up the hill in turn one and Thorn is clear off turn two.

Lap 34, trouble for Rodrigo Rejon. He has heavy front end damage and the caution is out.

Green, Thorn leads. Jeff Choquette has worked to the left rear of Butcher for 2nd. He takes that spot and he’s not done. Choquette runs down the leader, works to his inside and takes the lead in a hurry, new leader.

Lap 68, Casey Roderick is running down the leader. He pulls alongside and clear. Problems for Boris Jurkovic as he goes around and the caution is out.

Pit stops

Many cars head to the pit lane. This is a controlled caution, the laps under yellow do not count.

Green, Choquette runs wide on the outside into turn one. Casey Roderick leads. Ty Majeski has rolled to 3rd after starting 23rd. Several cars tangle outside the top 10 and the caution is back out.

Green, they run side by side for the lead. Choquette is nearly clear on the outside. They both step the rear end out as they fight for the lead. Roderick leads.

Lap 124, lap cars run side by side in front of the leader. Casey Roderick puts the bumper to lap car of Chandler Smith. Majeski trails the leader by 1 second.

Lap 140, Jeremy Pate from Pensacola has lost an engine on his brand new car while running inside the top 10. He’s up in flames. Heading into the corner, he’s in oil and into the wall. Pate is frustrated with the safety crew for not reaching his car fast enough with fire extinguishers. He throws his arms in the air.

Pit stops

This is another controlled caution. Most of the field heads for the pit lane. Jake Garcia and Corey LaJoie stay out with 12 others.

Green, Corey LaJoie is slow on the outside front row! He can’t get it going. Garcia leads but Ty Majeski is all over him. Ty Majeski to the lead from 23rd!

LaJoie heads to the pit area. Clutch issues ended his day while he was running 2nd.

Lap 163, Connor Okrzesik is slow and the caution is out.

Green, Giovanni Bromante spins his tires on the outside and falls to 3rd. Ty Majeski leads Jeff Choquette.

Lap 184, Michael Atwell is around and the caution is out.

Pit stops

Most of the leaders stay out. Jeff Choquette pits from 2nd for four fresh tires. He’ll restart outside the top 10.

Green, Majeski gets the jump and he’s clear before turn one.

Choquette is slicing through the field. He’s three wide over and over, picking them off two at a time.

88 to go, Choquette cracks the top 5. Ty Majeski leads Cole Butcher by 1.3 seconds.

58 to go, Choquette is on the bumper of the race leader! 54 to go, Choquette has a look on his inside as they work lap traffic. Majeski closes the door and they make light contact. Majeski holds the lead.

51 to go, Choquette has a run off turn one. He dives to the inside in turn three and clear.

Pit stops

34 to go, the caution is out. The field heads to the pit lane.

Green flag, Majeski is clear into turn one.

Lap 281, Bubba Pollard is loose off turn two. Thorn has a run on him and looks to his inside into turn three. Pollard cuts across his nose and spins himself out to bring out the caution. Augie Grill is hard in the wall as he tries to avoid it.

Green, Majeski leads. Casey Rodrick and Jeff Choquette run side by side for 2nd. Rodrick gets into the left rear of Choquette to take the runner up spot.

5 to go, two cars tangle and the caution is out. It will be a shootout finish.

Green, Majeski is clear into turn one. They run three wide for 2nd. Banging doors for 2nd! Stephen Nasse takes the 2nd spot.

1 to go

1 to go, Cole Butcher gets into the back of Travis Braden. Braden is around and the caution is out. Several cars stack up behind it.

Green, Ty Majeski gets turned on the restart! Casey Rodrick gets into the back of him, lifts his back end off the ground before the launch. Majeski spins the tires with the rear lifted and he gets turned around.

Either way, he’s heading to the pits. Several cars are collected. Heavy damage for Jeff Choquette as well.

Derek Thorn is rolling 3rd after the spin but officials send him to the tail as they say he was involved in the caution.

Green, Nasse is clear into turn one.

Stephen Nasse wins the 2019 Snowball Derby!

Snowball Derby Results
December 9, 2019
5 Flags Speedway

Update: Following technical inspection Stephen Nasse has been declared illegal and the race win has been taken away.

Pos | Driver

1. Stephen Nasse
2. Travis Braden
3. Jake Garcia
4. Cole Butcher
5. Jesse Dutilly
6. Preston Peltier
7. Chandler Smith
8. Casey Roderick
9. Hunter Robbins
10. Dan Fredrickson
11. Boris Jurkovic
12. Dalton Zehr
13. Derek Griffith
14. Ty Majeski
15. Jeff Choquette
16. Derek Thorn
17. Giovanni Bromante
18. John DeAngelis
19. Derek Kraus
20. Matt Craig
21. Brad May
22. Michael Atwell
23. Cole Moore
24. Jeremy Doss
25. Lucas Jones
26. Bubba Pollard
27. Kaden Honeycutt
28. David Gilliland
29. Augie Grill
30. Josh Berry
31. Connor Okrzesik
32. Corey LaJoie
33. Jeremy Pate
34. David Rogers
35. Rodrigo Rejon
36. Kyle Plott
37. Corey Heim


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