Atlanta Race Results: March 20, 2021 (NASCAR Xfinity Series)

NASCAR Xfinity results from Atlanta Motor Speedway

Next up, the NASCAR Xfinity Series heads to the grid in Atlanta, Georgia. The 1.5-mile of Atlanta Motor Speedway is set to run the second NASCAR race of the day.

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Martin Truex Jr is starting his first Xfinity race in 10 years. He’ll be coming from 18th. AJ Allmendinger ran into inspection issues and he’ll be coming from the tail.

Austin Cindric and Jeb Burton line up on the front row. 163 laps of stock car racing are up next…

Atlanta Xfinity Race
Stage 1 – Report

Laps: 40 (1-40 / 163)

Green, Cindric gets the jump on the inside lane. Harrison Burton holds 2nd. Martin Truex Jr is taking them 3 wide behind them and he’s already up inside the top 10.

Lap 4, Truex to 5th.

Harrison Burton to the lead.

Lap 7, Truex Jr runs the outside lane and he has momentum on Harrison Burton. Truex moves from 3rd to 1st in turn four, Truex leads.

Lap 21, the competition caution is out.

Green, Truex Jr is clear into turn one. Harrison Burton holds 2nd.

Lap 29, Hemric puts the bumper to Herbst in turn three. He pushes him up the track, Herbst crosses under him and gets him loose in the process. Hemric nearly finds the wall but he saves it. Moments later, Gragson puts the bumper to Cindric.

Lap 30, Truex leads Burton by over a second.

5 to go in stage one, Dexter Bean spins off turn two and the caution is out.

Green, Truex Jr is clear into turn one.

Trouble down the backstretch! Moffitt tried to tuck in behind Brandon Jones as he went by on the outside. He wasn’t clear and clipped Jones in the left rear, turning him in front of the field. Gragson, Cindric, Allmendinger and others are collected.

Martin Truex Jr wins stage one as this one finishes under yellow.

Atlanta Race Results – Stage 1 : 1. Martin Truex Jr; 2. Harrison Burton; 3. Justin Allgaier; 4. Justin Haley; 5. Michael Annett; 6. Austin Cindric; 7. Jeremy Clements; 8. Daniel Hemric; 9. Josh Berry; 10. Jeb Burton;

Atlanta Xfinity Race
Stage 2 – Report

Laps: 40 (41-80 / 163)

Truex Jr leads them to the pit exit but he’ll restart second row outside as a few stayed out.

Pit penalty: Jeremy clements pulls the gascan out of his box. He’ll be sent to the rear. Josh Berry was called for illegal fueling.

Green flag on stage two, Brown and Snider run side by side into turn one. Martin Truex Jr has a run on both of them via the outside lane. Truex drives from 4th to 1st off turn two.

Lap 60, Truex leads Snider by 2 seconds. Justin Haley and Justin Allgaier are flying though the field behind him. Haley takes 2nd away.

Lap 65, Allgaier takes Snider and Burton three wide. Through the middle, Allagier to 3rd.

Martin Truex Jr cruises to the win in stage two at Atlanta Motor Speedway!

Atlanta Race Results – Stage 2 : 1. Martin Truex Jr; 2. Justin Allgaier; 3. Justin Haley; 4. Harrison Burton; 5. Riley Herbst; 6. Michael Annett; 7. Myatt Snider; 8. Jeb Burton; 9. Jeremy Clements; 10. Brandon Brown;

Atlanta Xfinity Race
Stage 3 – Report

Laps: 123 (81-163 / 163)

Green flag on stage three, Truex Jr and Allgaier run even into turn one! They remain even off turn two but Truex Jr clears him on the bottom into turn three.

Lap 113, BJ McLeod is around and the caution is out.

The field hits the pit lane. Truex Jr is first in and first off.

Pit penalty: Martin Truex Jr has been caught speeding! He’ll got to the tail.

Green flag, Allgaier gets the jump on the inside as Clements spins the tires on the outside lane. Jeb Burton takes him three wide but he has a flat tire into turn one. He pushes up the hill and shoves Clements in the wall in turn one! The caution is back out.

40 to go

Green, Allagier is clear into turn one as Harrison Burton takes over 2nd. Martin Truex Jr is flying three wide through the field.

38 to go, Truex Jr is up to 9th!

36 to go, Noah Gragson puts the bumper to Truex Jr and forces him off the bottom. They battle for 5th.

32 to go, Ryan Sieg clips Josh Berry and spins him off turn four. He saves it but as he drives it through the grass, the front end digs into the dirt and kills the car. The caution is out.

Allagier leads them to the pit lane but he’s off 2nd. Colby Howard stays out but he’ll start on the outside.

Green, Howard spins the tires and Justin Allgaier leads into turn one. Gragson drives it deep into turn three on the outside, he pulls even with Truex Jr for 4th. He takes the spot and clears Haley to take 3rd.

22 to go

22 to go, Truex Jr works to the outside of Gragson. Truex Jr moves to 3rd.

13 to go, Truex Jr runs high in turn four and he has a run on Burton into turn one. Truex Jr takes 2nd away. Burton crosses under him to retakes the spot. Truex Jr kicks it to the top and drives right by for the 2nd time.

12 to go, Allgaier leads Truex Jr by 0.74 seconds.

8 to go, Allagier leads Truex Jr by five car lengths at the line. Allagier runs the inside as Truex Jr runs the top.

7 to go, Allgaier moves to the top to put Truex Jr in dirty air.

Allgaier opens the gap as they race through lap traffic.

Justin Allgaier wins at Atlanta Motor Speedway!

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Atlanta Motor Speedway
Race Results
NASCAR Xfinity Series
Saturday, March 20, 2021

Pos | Driver

1. Justin Allgaier
2. Martin Truex Jr
3. Harrison Burton
4. Noah Gragson
5. AJ Allmendinger
6. Riley Herbst
7. Michael Annett
8. Justin Haley
9. Daniel Hemric
10. Ryan Sieg
11. Myatt Snider
12. Jeremy Clements
13. Austin Cindric
14. Landon Cassill
15. Santino Ferrucci
16. Josh Williams
17. Alex Labbe
18. Tommy Joe Martins
19. Jeffrey Earnhardt
20. Timmy Hill
21. Colby Howard
22. Jesse Little
23. Cody Ware
24. Bayley Currey
25. Jeb Burton
26. Jade Buford
27. David Starr
28. Kyle Weatherman
29. Joe Graf Jr
30. Blaine Perkins
31. Ryan Vargas
32. Mason Massey
33. Brandon Brown
34. Matt Mills
35. Dexter Bean
36. Gray Gaulding
37. Brandon Jones
38. Josh Berry
39. Chad Finchum
40. Brett Moffitt

NASCAR Xfinity Series
Point Standings

Pos | Driver | Points | Wins

1. Austin Cindric
277 | 2 Wins

2. Daniel Suarez

3. Harrison Burton

4. AJ Allmendinger
194 | 1 Win

5. Justin Haley

6. Jeb Burton

7. Myatt Snider
179 | 1 Win

8. Justin Allgaier
171 | 1 Win

9. Jeremy Clements

10. Brandon Jones

11. Brandon Brown

12. Riley Herbst

13. Michael Annett

14. Noah Gragson

15. Landon Cassill

16. Tommy Joe Martins

17. Josh Williams

18. Joe Graf Jr

19. Ty Gibs
88 | 1 Win

20. Ryan Sieg

21. Timmy Hill

22. Josh Berry

23. Jeffrey Earnhardt

24. Santino Ferrucci

25. Jesse Little

26. Kyle Weatherman

27. Colby Howard

28. Bayley Currey

29. Alex Labbe

30. Ryan Vargas

31. Matt ills

32. Jade Buford

33. Stefan Parsons

34. JJ Yeley

35. Gray Gaulding

36. Ty Dillon

37. David Starr

38. Dexter Bean

39. Chad Finchum

40. Miguel Paludo


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