Auto Club Race Results: February 26, 2022 (NASCAR Xfinity Series)

NASCAR Xfinity Series results from California

Today, the NASCAR Xfinity Series takes the green flag in Fontana, California. The 2-mile track of Auto Club Speedway is set to host the Production Alliance Group 300.

View NASCAR results from California below.

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AJ Allmendinger and Trevor Bayne set the front row. 150 laps of stock car racing are up next…

Auto Club Xfinity
Stage 1 – Report

Laps: 35 (1-35 / 150)

Green flag, Bayne dives to the inside in turn one. He nearly clears Allmendinger. Bayne finally completes the pass for the lead into turn three.

Lap 7, Landon Cassill is up in smoke and the caution is out.

Lap 19, Mason Massey has blown a left front and the caution is out.

Green, Custer pushes Bayne clear into turn one. They run three wide for 2nd behind them, Custer wins that battle.

5 to go in stage one, Custer drives it deep to the inside in turn three. He pulls even with Bayne in the battle for the lead but he can’t complete the pass.

Trevor Bayne wins stage one at Auto Club Speedway!

Auto Club Results (Stage 1) : 1. Trevor Bayne; 2. Cole Custer; 3. Justin Allgaier; 4. Noah Gragson; 5. Ty Gibbs; 6. AJ Allmendinger; 7. Josh Berry; 8. Ryan Sieg; 9. Daniel Hemric; 10. Sam Mayer;

Auto Club Xfinity
Stage 2 – Report

Laps: 35 (36-70 / 150)

Slow stop for Bayne as he falls outside the top 10. Daniel Hemric wins the race to the pit exit, four tires for all.

Green flag on stage two, Gibbs side drafts Hemric into turn one. He cuts to the bottom but can;t clear him. He side drafts him once more into turn three but they remain side by side off turn four. They trade side drafts off turn four, Gibbs comes up too much and makes contact with Hemric’s left rear. Gibbs spins through the grass, caution.

Green, Hemric leads Custer off turn two. Custer side drafts off turn four and takes the lead into turn one.

Lap 57, Brandon Jones spins off turn four, caution.

Green, Custer clears them off turn two. Allgaier wins the battle for 2nd.

2 to go in stage two, Brandon Jones is slicing through the field on new tires. He spun just a few laps but he’s driving by them all and up to 2nd.

Cole Custer wins stage two at Auto Club Speedway!

Auto Club Results (Stage 2) : 1. Cole Custer; 2. Brandon Jones; 3. Justin Allgaier; 4. Noah Gragson; 5. Ty Gibbs; 6. Daniel Hemric; 7. AJ Allmendinger; 8. Sam Mayer; 9. Josh Berry; 10. Riley Herbst;

Auto Club Xfinity
Stage 3 – Report

Laps: 80 (71-150 / 150)

Slow stop for Custer as he’s off in 8th. Brandon Jones wins the race to the pit exit.

Green flag on stage three, Jones gets the jump as Allgaier spins the tires and stacks up the inside lane. Cole Custer drives by them all and he’s up to 3rd on the outside lane. Custer slices to the inside and works inside of the leader into turn three. Custer from 8th to the lead in one lap!

Lap 82, AJ Allmendinger pits with a loose wheel under green.

Lap 90, Hemric has found speed on the top lane of the track. He’s the first car to explore the lane, inches off the outside wall. Hemric runs 5th.

50 to go, Kaz Grala has a flat right front, no caution.

48 to go

48 to go, Brandon Brown spins off turn two from 18th, caution.

The leaders head for the pit lane. Allgaier wins the race to the pit exit. Another slow stop for Custer as he’s off in 7th.

Green, Allgaier leads Gragson off turn two.

41 to go, Gragson works to the right rear of Allgaier. He clears him, Gragson to the lead.

27 to go

27 to go, Jade Buford spins off turn two and slams the inside wall. The caution is out.

Most of the field heads for the pit lane. Allgaier wins the race to the pit exit as Gragson falls outside the top 10 after he overshot his pit box. Ty Gibbs is out of tires, he stayed out with Anthony Alfredo.

Green, Gibbs spins the tires on the outside lane. Justin Allgaier leads on the inside into turn one. Trevor Baybe dives to the inside of Allgaier into turn three but he can’t complete the pass.

21 to go, Gragson has climbed to 2nd. He dives to the inside of Allgaier and he’s clear off turn four, Gragson leads.

16 to go, Gragson gets loose off turn two. Custer has a run into turn three and he heads for the bottom lane. Custer clears him and takes the lead.

10 to go

10 to go, caution for debris as Mason Massey blows a tire.

Ty Gibbs pits for skuffs. Alfredo, Allmendinger also pit. Alfredo saved a set of sticker tires but he’ll restart in 24th.

Green, Custer and Gragsin run even into turn one. Gragson tries to slide Custer into turn one but he can’t hold him off, Custer leads off turn two.

5 to go, Alfredo is up to 16th on new tires.

4 to go, Brett Moffitt has a flat tire, caution.

Green, Custer leads Bayne into turn one. Alfredo takes them four wide into turn one. Brandon Jones spins with help from Hemric and and the caution is out. Alfredo climbed to 5th before the caution!

Green, Gragson pushes Custer into turn one. Custer leads Bayne off turn two.

Coming to the white, Brandon Jones slams the sand barrels at the entry to the pit lane and the caution is out.

Green, they run near even into turn one. Custer leads Alfredo off turn two. They split Alfredo off turn two, Gragson takes 2nd.

Cole Custer wins at Auto Club Speedway!

Auto Club Results
February 26, 2022
NASCAR Xfinity Series

Pos | Driver

1. Cole Custer
2. Noah Gragson
3. Trevor Bayne
4. Josh Berry
5. Anthony Alfredo
6. Sam Mayer
7. AJ Allmendinger
8. Justin Allgaier
9. Riley Herbst
10. Ryan Sieg
11. Brandon Brown
12. Daniel Hemric
13. Ty Gibbs
14. Jeb Burton
15. Joe Graf Jr
16. Kyle Weatherman
17. Jeremy Clements
18. Kyle Sieg
19. Brett Moffitt
20. Joey Gase
21. Josh Williams
22. JJ Yeley
23. Matt Mills
24. Alex Labbe
25. Kaz Grala
26. Myatt Snider
27. Austin Hill
28. Mason Massey
29. Jeffrey Earnhardt
30. Stefan Parsons
31. Tommy Joe Martins
32. Sheldon Creed
33. Brandon Jones
34. Bayley Currey
35. Ryan Vargas
36. Jesse Iwuji
37. Jade Buford
38. Landon Cassill

NASCAR Xfinity Series
Point Standings

Pos | Driver | Points | Wins

1. AJ Allmendinger

2. Noah Gragson

3. Justin Allgaier

4. Riley Herbst

5. Ryan Sieg

6. Ty Gibbs

7. Josh Berry

8. Anthony Alfredo

9. Daniel Hemric

10. Brandon Brown

11. Austin Hill
57 | 1 Win

12. Sam Mayer

13. Trevor Bayne

14. Jeb Burton

15. JJ Yeley

16. Sheldon Creed

17. Brandon Jones

18. Kyle Sieg

19. Jeffrey Earnhardt

20. Joe Graf Jr

21. Josh Bilicki

22. Joey Gase

23. Kyle Weatherman

24. Myatt Snider

25. Matt Mills

26. Ryan Truex

27. Landon Cassill

28. Josh Willilams

29. Jeremy Clements

30. Ryan Vargas

31. Brett Moffitt

32. Bayley Currey

33. Tommy Joe Martins

34. Jade Buford

35. Alex Labbe

36. Jesse Iwuji

37. Mason Massey

38. Stefan Parsons

39. Shane Lee

40. CJ McLaughlin

41. Drew Dollar

42. Caesar Baceralla

Auto Club Speedway
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