NASCAR Penalty Report: March 2022 (COTA)

Three suspended following the NASCAR race at Circuit of the Americas

For the 2022 season, NASCAR introduced the NASCAR Next Gen car. The spec machine features larger tires and wheels with a single center lugnut.

View the NASCAR penalty report from COTA below.

Last weekend, NASCAR made their first run on a road course with the new car. Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas hosted the race weekend.

Following the weekend, Bubba Wallace has become the latest driver to lose a wheel during the race. This is another in a string of cars losing wheels. Just like in most of the other cases, the wheel was lost directly after a pit stop.

The violation has brought a big penalty to the team as three crew members have been suspended for the next four races.

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Penalty Report
March 2022
NASCAR Cup Series

Driver: No. 23 Bubba Wallace

Violation Date: March 27, 2022

Sections: ( Loss or separation of an improperly installed tire/wheel from the vehicle with the note: Loss of tire/wheel during the event.

Penalty: Crew chief Bootie Barker and crew members Caleb Dirks along with Adam Riley are suspended for the next four races.

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