Richmond Race Results: April 1, 2022 (NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour)

NASCAR Modified Tour results from Richmond Raceway

Tonight, the race weekend begins in Richmond, Virginia. The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour is set for the green at Richmond Raceway.

View Richmond Raceway results for the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour below.

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The track is just 0.75-miles. However, this is the second largest track on the NASCAR Modified schedule

Justin Bonsignore and Tyler Rypkema line up on the front row. NASCAR Cup Series winner Ryan Newman is in the field, running his first asphalt race since last year. 150 laps of open wheel oval racing are up next…

Richmond Mods
Race Report

Green flag, Justin Bonsignore is clear before turn one. Max McLaughlin follows him through on the inside to take 2nd away.

Lap 6, McLaughlin looks inside of Bonsignore for the lead. He can’t complete the pass.

Lap 10, Kyle Bonsignore runs a wide entry into turn three. He has a run on cousin Justin Bonsignore off turn four. They race into turn one, Kyle Bonsignore to the lead on the inside lane.

Lap 13, Bryan Dauzat has a flat right rear, caution.

Lap 17, Justin Bonsignore has a run off turn four. He wins the race into turn one and returns to the lead. Ryan Newman follows him through to take over 2nd.

Pit stops

Lap 51, Jeremy Gerstner spins on his own, caution. Many of the leaders head for the pit lane. Justin Bonsignore restarts 9th. Chuck Hossfeld and Andrew Krause take over the front row. Newman takes rear tires only.

Green, Newman has a run from row two into turn one. Ryan Newman to the lease with ease.

Lap 62, Patrick Emerling locks up, washes up the track and collects Austin Beers. Moments later, Emerling spins with a flat right rear.

Green, Tommy Catalono gets the jump on the outside lane. He noses ahead into turn one and completes the pass on the outside for the lead off turn two.

Lap 81, Bryan Dauzat has found the wall and the caution is out. Dauzat climbs out to call is a day.

Lap 97

Lap 97, Tyler Rypkema has a run on Catalano off turn four. He looks inside and they run side by side. Caution for debris as an air cleaner sits on the track.

Catalano and many of the leaders head for the pit lane. Calalono restarts 6th. Max McLaughlin and JB Fortin set the front row.

Green, James Pritchard Jr spins on the restart, no caution. McLaughlin leads the field off turn two.

44 to go, Catalano is all over the bumper of McLaughlin into turn three. Catalono runs high into the corner, he has a run off turn four. Catalano drives it deep to the bottom in turn one. He completes the pass into turn three.

33 to go, Justin Bonsignore slides McLaughlin for 2nd into turn one and he takes the spot.

15 to go, Catalono leads Justin Bonsignore by nearly a second.

20 to go, Catalano puts the bumper to the lap car of Kyle Bonsignore. As he struggles, Justin Bonsignore climbs right to his rear bumper in the battle for the lead.

11 to go, Catalano gets sideways off turn four. Justin Bonsignore clears him to take the lead in the closing laps of this race.

6 to go, the leaders slice through lap traffic.

Justin Bonsignore wins at Richmond Raceway!

Richmond Raceway Results
April 1, 2022
NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour

Pos | Driver

1. Justin Bonsignore
2. Tommy Catalono
3. Chuck Hossfeld
4. Kyle Ebersole
5. Ty;er Rypkema
6. Eric Goodale
7. Jimmy Blewett
8. Jon McKennedy
9. Donny Lia
10. Ron Silk
11. Austin Beers
12. Max McLaughlin
13. Ryan Newman
14. JB Fortin
15. Craig Lutz
16. Dave Sapienza
17. Bobby Santos Jr
18. Andrew Kraus
19. Jeremy Gerstner
20. Kyle Bonsignore
21. James Pritchard Jr
22. Gary McDonald
23. Ed McCarthy
24. Bryan Dauzat
25. Patrick Emerling
26. Spencer Davis
27. Melissa Fifield


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