Joey Logano reacts to Kyle Busch calling him two-faced, “I agree”

Kyle Busch called Joey Logano two-faced after the latest incident in the Clash at the Coliseum

Joey Logano and Kyle Busch have a long history of not getting along on the race track. That fire was re-ignited last weekend in The Clash at the Coliseum.

Hear from Joey Logano below.

The two drivers once threw punches after a race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Blood was drawn as they left the scene in a pile of crew members.

Kyle Busch tells the story of the altercation with Joey Logano before ‘whacking him in the head’

In the incident last week, Logano says he failed to clean his tires on the restart. And when he went into turn three, he locked up the brakes completely. A slid through the corner and clipped Busch in the left rear, sending him for a loop.

After the race, Kyle Busch called Logano “Two-faced” and it’s not the first time he’s called him that very phrase. Yesterday, Logano responded to those comments…

Kyle Busch calls Joey Logano two-faced, again (Video)

Joey Logano agrees that he’s two-faced

Steve Phelps and Joey Logano - Phoenix Raceway - NASCAR Cup Series champion
AVONDALE, ARIZONA – NOVEMBER 06: NASCAR President Steve Phelps presents the Bill France NASCAR Cup Series Championship trophy to Joey Logano, driver of the #22 Shell Pennzoil Ford, in victory lane after winning the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series Championship at Phoenix Raceway on November 06, 2022 in Avondale, Arizona. (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

“Did I make a mistake? Yes, I overcooked it into the corner,” Joey Logano stated via his Behind the Wheel podcast.

“I got loose. Was it on purpose? Obviously, not. I was out of control, into the corner.”

Logano added, “I did not clean my tires off, good enough. I sent it in their too hard and had the slide for life thing going.”

“Should he be mad at me? Yes. He should be. It was a mistake, it wasn’t on purpose. But, I did wreck him. Thankfully he got back up there which made it a little better.”

“Am I sorry? Yes.”

“Am I two-faced? Yes, I am! Do I think anything’s wrong with that? No, I don’t.”

“I’ve heard Kyle say that before, that I’m two-faced. That’s fine. I have a switch that I flip when it’s time to go racing. I am out there to win, I have to do what I have to do, to win.”

“Luckily, I know how to shut that off. So, when I get out of the race car, in Kyle’s words, ‘I’m not a complete a-hole all the time’. That’s better than being an a-hole 100% of the time. At least it’s only when I’m in the race car.”

“Am I two-faced? I agree with him, 100%! I have a job to do out there. Nice guys finish last. I can’t be a nice guy when I am competing for a lot of people that help work on the car.”

“But, I can’t be that guy when I get out of the car because that’s not who I am. A race car gives you an opportunity to be somebody you’re not.”

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