NASCAR team attempted to talk Daniel Suarez out of retaliation (Video)

Daniel Suarez was fined $50,000 for retaliation on the pit lane

Over the weekend, NASCAR unloaded in Austin, Texas. The 20-turn Circuit of the Americas brought drama and mid-week penalties following the event.

In overtime, Ross Chastain shoved Alex Bowman into Daniel Suarez. Suarez spun and he took notes.

After the checkered flag, Suarez stayed in the gas. He raced through most of the field, in search of teammate Ross Chastain as well as Alex Bowman.

Daniel Suarez runs into Alex Bowman after COTA race (Video)

Meanwhile, the team attempted to talk him out of doing anything. However, the driver was seeing red.

He caught the bumper of Ross Chastain just as they entered the pit lane. After shoving Chastain out of the way, he then lined up Bowman.

Suarez drove into the back bumper of Bowman, twice. Bowman came to a complete stop before officials waved him through.

NASCAR doesn’t always fine drivers for retaliation. However, they have taken action when it’s done on the pit lane as NASCAR officials stand near the cars.

On Wednesday, Daniel Suarez was fined $50,000 by NASCAR.

Daniel Suarez fined for retaliation in NASCAR race at COTA

Daniel Suarez: Team Radio

#99 Spotter: “Tight in front of you.”

“48’s just following you. Everybody followed you down. 48’s having to be really aggressive. He’s left! Bunch of them left here.”

“Back up here if you can. Son of a b—-“

Suarez added, “What the f*** the 48?! He just went in straight and the 1 pushed him again.”

“Can anyone explain what the 1 was trying to do there?”

The team responded, “I haven’t seen it. But, yeah, copy. We’ll just talk about it later, man.”

Suarez responded, “Like, the 48 didn’t even try to make the f****** corner.”

The team added, “Yeah, he went left of you trying to block and they just… I mean, there were four behind him pushing him.”

Suarez responded, “Un-f****** believable, I can;t wait to get to the 48 and the 1. I wanna kick their ass.”

As he crossed the finish line the team jumped on the radio, “Checkered flag here man. Go get ’em next week.”

Suarez was still seeing red, “F****** ridiculous man. Hey, where’s the 49 and the 1?”

The team responded, “Like, second and fourth man, I don’t know if you’ll be able to get to ’em with all the traffic.”

They tried to talk him off the ledge, “Let’s be calm. Let’t uh… We can always address it later, as well.”

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Daniel Suarez
Team Radio

COTA: Radioactive

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