Sonoma Race Results: June 9, 2023 (ARCA Menards Series)

ARCA race results from Sonoma Raceway

ARCA Menards Series West drivers have the stage in Sonoma, California. The road course of Sonoma Raceway is set to host the General Tire 200.

View Sonoma race results for the ARCA Menards Series below.

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Ryan Preece and Landen Lewis set the front row. 64 laps of stock car racing are up next…

Race Report

Green flag, Preece is clear into turn one. Lewis holds 2nd.

Lap 8, Tanner Reif is off in the dirt and the caution is out.

Green, Preece leads Lewis.

Lap 15, Trevor Huddleston is stalled on the pit lane and the caution is out.

Green, Preece leads Lewis.

Lap 18, Trevor Huddleston has come to a stop yet again with a mechanical issue, caution.

Preece pits from the lead. Sammy Smith and others join him. Landen Lewis is handed the lead.

Green, Lewis leads as Erickson spins the tires at the launch. Nick Joanides spins behind them.

Lap 24, Preece has climbed through the field, he’s up to 6th.

Lap 26, Ethan Nascimento spins from 7th. No caution as he loses a ton of positions before he can get it turned around.

Lap 30, Preece is up to 3rd.

Race break

Lap 32, Eric Johnson Jr stalls on track. The caution is out. This will also serve as the race-break caution.

Lewis and others head for the pit lane. Ryan Preece stays out and he cycles back to the race lead.

Green, Preece clears Sammy Smith into turn one.

Lap 39, Landen Lewis is driving through the field after the pit stop. He take a late look inside of Brian Kamisky into turn 11. Kamisky is around, no caution.

Lap 42, Davey Magras is around, caution.

Green, Preece clears Smith up the hill. They bang doors and run three wide for 4th on back behind them.

19 to go, Eric Nascimento Jr and Todd Souza fight for space through the esses. They bang fenders and Nascimento Jr slams the wall and tire barrier. Landen Lewis is also collected. The caution is back out.

Green, Preece leads Smith and Riley Herbst into turn two.

12 to go, Todd Souza bangs doors with Brian Kamisky at the fastest corner on the track. Kamisky slides through the dirt, straightens it out, no caution.

4 to go, Tyler Reif dives inside of Dale Quarterly in turn 7. He looks up and slides into the side of Quarterly, spinning him around, no caution.

Ryan Preece wins at Sonoma Raceway!

Sonoma Raceway
Race Results
June 9, 2023
ARCA Menards Series

Pos | Driver

1. Ryan Preece

2. Sammy Smith

3. Riley Herbst

4. Jack Wood

5. William Sawalich

6. Sean Hingorani

7. Bradley Erickson

8. Todd Souza

9. Johnny Borneman III

10. Ethan Nascimento

11. Dale Quarterly

12. Tim Spurheon

13. Kyle Keller

14. Nick Joanides

15. David Smith

16. Davey Magras

17. Tyler Reif

18. Cole Custer

21. Tanner Reif

22. Sebastian Arias

23. Eric Nascimento Jr

24. Takuma Koga

25. Parker Retzlaff

26. Ryan Philpott

27. Eric Johnson Jr

28. Trevor Huddleston

29. Stefan Rzesnowiecky


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