Premium Motorsports Merges with Hillman Racing – Basically

Premium Motorsports Basically Merges with Hillman Racing – Hires Staff from Hillman Racing and Purchases Their Racecars

Premium Motorsports announced that the team has hired Mike Hillman to head up its NASCAR Sprint Cup operation for 2016.

The deal also includes the hiring of Crew Chief, Mark Hillman, along with most of the staff from the #40 team that competed in the 2015 season.

Team owner Jay Robinson announced that with increased competition within the racing industry, “We had to upgrade our team moving forward and that included Mike Hillman, select key personnel and the purchase of additional cars and equipment. The racing bar is being raised even higher and this effort will enable us to commit more resources and become more competitive for 2016”.

Jay Robinson (Premium Motorspots) plans to field 1 full-time Cup car, 1 part-time Cup car next year. The #94 truck is TBD.