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Eldora Speedway attendance record set

Eldora Speedway

Eldora Speedway dirt track estimates crowd at 25,000

For the NASCAR race? No. Must be sprint car’s then? No.

25,000 packed into Eldora Speedway to watch some dirt late model racing. The World 100 estimates come from track manager Roger Slack.

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On Saturday night, the crowd was estimated at 25,000. That’s the largest single-day attendance in the long history of Eldora Speedway.

Eldora Speedway crowd during 2017 World 100

Parking for days nets hillside seating only.

What event? It was the 47th annual World 100. The race was hosted on September 9th, 2017. Jonathan Davenport went to victory lane, with his new-old crew chief Kevin Rumley.

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NASCAR attendance is down. NFL attendance is down. Weekly track attendance is down.

But, attendance for the dirt specials are way up. It’s not that people aren’t going to the racetrack anymore. It’s just that they are saving it for a special night.

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Thus, specials all year, have been setting records. Earlier this year, the Kings Royal sprint car show also drew a record crowd to Eldora. But it doesn’t just effect Eldora, it’s happening everywhere.

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Author: Shane Walters


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