Shorter NASCAR races? Driver Joey Logano calls for that

Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series driver Joey Logano calls for shorter NASCAR races

The distance of next year’s Charlotte Roval, is long. Aside from the Coca-Cola 600, it’s going to be the longest race of the year. That’s assuming if they go by the distance that they track has proposed.

No distance has been set in stone by NASCAR. However, Charlotte Motor Speedway has suggested 312 miles. That would be about 130 laps around the Charlotte Road Course.

The Charlotte Roval would be the longest road course race on the NASCAR schedule. It’s possible this becomes a 4-5 hour race. Joey Logano is concerned about brakes, though that’s not his only concern…

Joey Logano

“Yeah. I’m all for shorter races, Joey Logano tells the Morning Drive on Sirius XM NASCAR Radio.

Team Penske - Talladega Superspeedway
Team Penske – Talladega Superspeedway

“Personally, I think shorter races are a good thing. For a lot of different reasons. The intensity level’s up, all the time.”

“The attention span of a lot of younger kids these days, is shorter. Myself including.”

NASCAR Xfinity Series - Charlotte Motor Speedway
NASCAR Xfinity Series – Charlotte Motor Speedway

“Not when I’m on the track. But, when I’m watching a race. I enjoy watching the Xfinity and Truck races because they’re short and they’re enjoyable to watch.”

“The Cup races are as well. But, they’re long. It’s just a long race. I’d be in favor of shortening them up a little bit.”

Typically, NASCAR Cup Series events run 2-3 hours in duration. The Coca-Cola 600 is one off 600 mile race, the longest race of the season. The 2017 Coca-Cola 600 took 4 hours and 19 minutes to complete.

In comparison, F1 are run in about an hour. On a global scale, F1 is the most watched form of motorsport. It draws a yearly TV audience of 400 million. In 2008, the series drew 600 million TV viewers.


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