Chase Elliott fan confronts Denny Hamlin at Martinsville (VIDEO)

A NASCAR fan tried to fight Denny Hamlin on pit road

Denny Hamlin put the bumper to Chase Elliott for the lead in the closing laps at Martinsville. Just like that, in his home state, Hamlin lost the crowd.

Watch the video below.

Chase Elliott found Denny Hamlin after the race. The two wrecked each other again down the back-straight away. Hamlin and Elliott exited their cars to talk it out, on track.

Denny Hamlin turns Chase Elliott at Martinsville
Denny Hamlin turns Chase Elliott at Martinsville

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Then, they came to pit road for TV interviews. Shortly after the interviews, a Chase Elliott fan approached Denny Hamlin.

NASCAR fan tries to fight Denny Hamlin
NASCAR fan tries to fight Denny Hamlin. He was stopped by security

“You’re a veteran, you shouldn’t be driving like that!” the fans yells to Denny Hamlin.

That’s when a crew member of Joe Gibbs Racing stepped in to push the fan away. Additionally, the Sheriff stepped into the scene. The two of them escorted the fan away from Hamlin.

“Dirt dog,” the fans states as he’s escorted off pit lane and out of Martinsville Speedway.

NASCAR fan vs Denny Hamlin
NASCAR fan vs Denny Hamlin

“Get him out of here,” Denny Hamlin calmly states to his crew member.

“A dirty veteran! Learn how to drive,” the fan yells out some more as Denny Hamlin watches the fan get removed.

Matt Weaver caught it on camera. Watch the video below.

NASCAR fan confronts Denny Hamlin
Martinsville Speedway


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