Tony Stewart Confronts Fan At Chili Bowl Nationals

Tony Stewart Confronts Heckling Fan At Chili Bowl Nationals Video

Tony Stewart confronts fan at the 2016 Chili Bowl Nationals, as you can see from the videos below.

After getting flipped off and called a murder, several times, Stewart stepped right into the grandstands. The Tulsa Expo Raceway crowd chanting “Tony”.

“You’re a pussy aren’t you”, said Tony Stewart to the fan. “No, I’m not”, the fan returns.

No punches were thrown. However, the heckling dirt racing fan did end up on his ass regardless.

No matter how much NASCAR driver Tony Stewart does for the dirt racing community. There’s always going to be the idiots who don’t appreciate his presence.

The Tulsa County Sheriff’s Department identified the fan as Corporal Kyle Hess. Police are reviewing the incident and have offered a statement.

“We had a race fan that probably had too much beer from my observations after speaking with him,” said Tulsa Deputy Police Chief and Expo Square Liaison officer Dennis Larson. “He kept taunting Tony Stewart as Tony would pass by. Tony came up to the stands and decided to have a discussion with him on why he did not like him.”

“From what I was told Tony stated to him (the spectator), ‘What’s your problem with me’,” Larson said. “At some point their hands were locked together. The fan pushed toward Tony, Tony stepped back and a security guard basically stepped between the two and just made a motion and the fan, who had consumed a lot of alcohol, sat down.


Tony Stewart Confronts Fan at the Chili Bowl