Danica Patrick on competition: “Sometimes, they’re assholes”

Danica Patrick talks the battles with NASCAR Cup Series drivers

Moments ago, Danica Patrick announced her retirement from full-time Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series competition.

ESPN started to ask Danica Patrick about not getting a fair shake from other drivers on the race track. Before the questions could be completed, Danica Patrick stated:

“Sometimes, they’re assholes,” Danica Patrick stated. “Oh I think I just said it. Some of them are great.”

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Danica Patrick Racing
Danica Patrick Racing

“But, I think that every driver faces that. You have drivers that you like and that you get along with out there. Then, some that you don’t like.”

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“Some of them overlap a bit. I think there are driver I get along with just fine out there. There are other people I have issues with.”

I think I probably deal with a little bit more struggle from a car to car basis, than everyone.

-Danica Patrick

“That’s across the board. I think I probably deal with a little bit more struggle from a car to car basis, than everyone. It took me a really long time to say that. I’ve never really felt different. If I can pass them, I can pass them.”

Danica Patrick
Danica Patrick

“But, with stock cars the closing rates aren’t quite as quick. So, it kinda showed up more and more in stock cars. Because you can be more defensive, a little bit.”

“Than in Indycar where you just drive around them or you get a really big run. The runs are just much different.”

Danica Patrick has run 189 NASCAR Cup Series races. On Sunday, she’ll run her 190th and it might be her last. Over her 6 year career, Patrick has netted 7 top 10 finishes. She has an average finish of 24th.

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