Tony Stewart cusses out bickering drivers on iRacing (Video)

Tony Stewart: “God, would you two shut the fuck up and just race?”

Between his full-time job as a NASCAR team owner, his secondary full-time job as a dirt track owner and his full-time hobby as a dirt track racer. Recently, Tony Stewart has also become a regular in the sim racing world. The off season will cause that.

iRacing, it’s the greatest online sim racing software in the world. It’s a place where the budgets are eliminated, the playing field is level and real world racers collide with gamers.

Watch the video below.

Tony Stewart Sprint Car - iRacing
Tony Stewart Sprint Car – iRacing

Typically, Tony Stewart can be found on iRacing in a sprint car mirroring the wrap from his real world machine. This time, he was restrictor plate pavement racing.

Where occasionally, there’s an issue on lap 1. Sometimes, those incidents are still up for debate, multiple laps later.

Unlike, real world racing, drivers can communicate to each other. In the world of iRacing, very few have spotters. In theory, the other competitors become your spotter.

However, that can backfire. When two drivers get into an argument about who wrecked who. Everyone else in the field, who can’t find the mute button, are miserably trapped into the debate as well.

Which is exactly what happened to Tony Stewart during a NASCAR Truck Series race at the digital version of Daytona International Speedway. After 2 straight laps of bickering, Tony had enough.

Tony Stewart joined the conversation on an incident he wasn’t involved in: “God, would you two shut the fuck up and just race? Or shut up?”

“Either shut up and race or get off here. I’m tired of hearing the two of you whining like a bunch of bitches that think you’re a bunch of pro’s.”

The mic’s went silent.

Tony Stewart cusses out iRacers


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