Richard Petty Motorsports will switch to Chevrolet for 2018

Richard Petty: “We’re switching to something”

It hasn’t been officially announced. However, team executives have spoken to the press about the change for 2018. Richard Petty Motorsports will switch to Chevrolet in 2018. In additon, they will likely work closely with Richard Childress Racing.

“We are in the process of moving from where we are now to closer to home, over in Lexington from Mooresville,” Petty said to Kickin’ The Tires.

“We are off in the corner up at RCR. When you first come in you go by the museum and we’ve got the first building up there, so … we’re on the campus but we’re really not on the campus. We are on the corner of the campus. I guess he (Richard Childress) done that so he could kick us out if we get to causing too much trouble up there.”

“We’re switching to something,” Petty confirmed. “Yeah, yeah, you know, It’s a pretty foregone conclusion what is going on, right now.

“We’ll probably be working off of him (Childress), sort of, like we did off of Roush with Ford,”

Bubba Wallace 2018 Car
Bubba Wallace 2018 Car

Darrell Wallace Jr will drive the #43 for Richard Petty Motorsports. The car will feature a Chevrolet emblem.

We needed a change

-Andrew Murstein

“We needed a change, and Chevrolet and RCR clearly saw the immense value of the Petty brand, which I believe is simply the best in the sport, Andrew Murstein told ESPN.

“We hope to combine our best with their best and take it to another level in 2018. … With this new move, and with Bubba (Wallace) coming aboard who is one of the most talented and hottest young drivers in the sport, we couldn’t be more excited about our future,” Murstein concluded.

In late 2009, the team made the switch from Dodge to Ford.

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