Fernando Alonso expresses more interest in NASCAR

Fernando Alonso: “What I like about the racing in NASCAR is how unpredictable it is”

Yesterday, the f1 world and the NASCAR world collided. Fernando Alonso was at the Charlotte Convention Center to promote the upcoming Rolex 24 Hour race which he’ll run with United Autosports. At the same time, NASCAR was there for pre-season promotion.

IMSA is the sanction of the Rolex 24 at Daytona. NASCAR is the owner of the IMSA racing series. That’s why both series were being promoted from the same venue.

Fernando Alonso is a two-time F1 World Champion that has recently expressed interest in NASCAR. While in front of the NASCAR reporters, he was asked more about his interest.

Fernando Alonso on NASCAR racing

“Now I’m going to endurance racing in a closed cockpit, so maybe one day try a different series and maybe even NASCAR, no? Why not?” Alonso said.

Fernando Alonso comments on NASCAR
Fernando Alonso comments on NASCAR

“Right now, it looks quite far because I think the driving technique and the experience that all those guys have, it’s quite difficult for me to achieve that level, but I will never know until I try. So I would like maybe one day to test the car and after that, driving the car. I would know how enjoyable it could be in racing.”

“What I like about the racing in NASCAR is how unpredictable it is, and until the last lap, everyone is pushing each other and they’re trying to manage the strategy and think ahead of what is going to happen in the last lap, even 20 laps ahead.”

“That’s something that is unique in motorsport, what NASCAR does. From the outside, it is very attractive. But from the inside, I don’t know in the cockpit how it would feel,” Alonso concluded.

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7-time NASCAR Champion - Jimmie Johnson
HOMESTEAD, FL – NOVEMBER 20: Jimmie Johnson, driver of the #48 Lowe’s Chevrolet, poses for a portrait after winning the 2016 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Championship at Homestead-Miami Speedway on November 20, 2016 in Homestead, Florida. (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/NASCAR via Getty Images)

Fernando Alonso on Jimmie Johnson

“The first time I heard his name, it was probably 2003, 2004 in the NASCAR video game,” Alonso told reporters.

“I used to choose him, not knowing him or not knowing the name — just because of the car. I remember playing with another friend of mine, he likes a chocolate company I will not name now, and he was choosing that car and I was choosing Jimmie’s car.

“But that was the first time I heard of him, and obviously the success that he has in the years in motor racing, he became a legend of our sport, and massive respect.”

The two-time F1 champion made he debut in the Indy 500 last year. This year, he’s taking another leap at racing in America. This time, he’s piloting a sportscar in the Rolex 24 at Daytona on January 27-28, 2018.

Jimmie Johnson on Fernando Alonso

“I’ve been a huge Alonso fan for a lot of years,” Johnson said.

“Just mentioned to him out there that the way he came and ran Indy — and certainly did an amazing job in the car, but outside of the car — the friends I have on the IndyCar circuit, he just handled himself so well, did a great job and really brought a lot to the table when he raced here.

“His worldwide exposure in motorsports is really good for us here stateside.”

Jimmie Johnson is a 7-time NASCAR Cup Series champion. He’s tied with Dale Earnhardt Sr and Richard Petty for most championships in the history of the sport.


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