Dirt Million Website – How the purse escalation works

Here are the most interesting items for sale and how it all works for the $1,000,000 dirt race

The ticker is live! And the race payout has already climbed to $271,108. The event began with a $200,000 payout and received a $50,000 sponsorship boost just before the website launch on Thursday. Fans have added the remaining $21,108, in 12 hours.

On August 24-25th, 2018 the Dirt Million will debut. Mansfield Motor Speedway in Mansfield, Ohio will host the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series show. A purse of $1,000,000 is very possible.

This event will sellout and it will sell out quick. So, where will the extra money come from to support the increase purse?

Donations are such a small portion of this event. From the beginning, I’ve seen that most people have had the wrong idea of how this event purse will be increased.

The online store is now live. Next to each item in the online store is a green arrow with a price attached. That details exactly how much of the item purchase goes directly into the escalation of the purse.

Dirt Million Website
Dirt Million Website

Will it reach a million? Probably not. But, it’s certainly possible. It’s already going to be the highest paying dirt race of the year as it stands. A purse of $200,000 was guaranteed before the website launched with the winner walking away with $100,000+. Any purse escalation in the next 6 months is only an added bonus for these race teams.

Just ahead of the website launch, the purse received a $50,000 boost. Arizona Sport Shirts jumped on as the presenting sponsor of the event.

Driver points

41 drivers are currently registered for the 2018 Dirt Million. Each driver already has their own profile page on the website.

It’s by far the most creative race promotion I’ve ever seen. It’s crowdfunding of a dirt late model event. But, it’s beyond that. Cody Sommer is using a brilliant marketing strategy that also gives the drivers a motive for promoting the event website: Driver profile points.

At the checkout screen of ANY purchase there’s a drop down list of drivers. With selection, you can make your purchase go toward your favorite driver. That purchase total will help your driver accumulate highly desirable points to their profile.

Those points will be accumulated from purchases as well as fan votes. For each of which, it’s in the drivers best interest to promote their profile on the Dirt Million website.

The top four points earners will be gifted a guaranteed starting position in the $100,000 to win / $2,000 to start main event.

Driver Pages

From that profile page, you can also purchase items directly for your driver of choice. It’s beyond points, you can help your driver out through the entire weekend. Of those items:

Entry Fee: $199
$193.03 goes to the purse

Pit Pass for team: $88.00
$44.00 goes to the purse

Race Tire: $164.99
$19.80 goes to the purse

Race Fuel: $59.99
$0 goes to the purse

Interesting Items:

If you read the driver entry form you’ll notice some interesting legal lines. For example, “all 28 main event starters will be required to remove the (Passenger Side) right side door panel (As Is) from the vehicle of which they competed in the race. The door panel will be relinquished to event management and will not be returned.”

For the main event winner, the track will take a few more items, “The DIRT MILLION main event race winner will also be required to relinquish several other items including; the race vehicle’s (Driver Side) Left side door panel, Right Rear Quarter Panel, Left Rear Quarter Panel and Hood; the Driver will be required to relinquish the hand gloves, helmet, shoes and steering wheel of which they competed with in the main event.”

Those lines have been in there from the initial launch of driver registration. We now know what they are doing with these items. Right now, the winners shoes, helmet and door can already be purchased via the Dirt Million website. These items alone will send a huge a huge chunk into the escalating purse.

It’s still unclear what will happen with the remaining doors for the other drivers in the field. Aside from the race winner, those other drivers will be relinquishing the passenger side doors. I would assume those will likely be listed on the website for the 2019 event. Or each driver registered could soon have their own door listed.

However the following items are already listed on the website. I would assume about 97% of item purchase goes directly into purse escalation. I would assume that 3% is to account for the shipping costs and or taxes.

The Checkered Flag

The Green Flag

Racing Shoes – Race Winner

Steering Wheel – Race Winner

Door Panel – Race Winner

Helmet – Race Winner

More Items

Kids Toy Car Table: $129.99
$65.00 goes to the purse

Cornhole Boards: $149.99
$75.00 goes to the purse

More to come

Making a donation is certainly an option, if you choose to do so as a dirt racing fan that’s looking to support your sport. And if you elect to do that, I’m sure 100% or close to it will go directly to the purse escalation.

However, there’s an entirely other side of this site coming. The website will soon list items like TV’s, Yetti Coolers, bikes and grills.

In addition, a fan vote is soon to come. The driver that wins that will receive a large bundle of accumulation points. Points are there for drivers to earn things like a provisional starting spot.

Marketing opportunities will soon be available for the race as well.

Ticket Info

Tickets: $39-49

Pit Pass: $30-49

Camping: $25-50

VIP Club: $99

Skybox Suites: $3,168 (Sold out)

Mansfield Motor Speedway 3898
Mansfield Motor Speedway

2018 Dirt Million Entry List