Ryan Blaney was the victim of a bump and run off the bumper of Austin Dillon

This week, they still haven’t talked about the contact but Dillon thinks they’ll get it sorted out before they play in their basketball league, on the same team

Last week, Austin Dillon and Ryan Blaney tangled on the race track. It was a light bump and run on a 1-mile race track.

Austin Dillon was fighting off pressure from behind. At the same time, Blaney was holding him up, so he put the bumper to him, slight contact.

“Pack it up in there Austin! (Explicative!),” Ryan Blaney jumped on the radio button.

“Whoa no! I did not hit him that time. I was up under his ass but I did not touch him,” Austin Dillon offered the alternative viewpoint via his own radio button.

Those were the radio communications that made all the highlight reels in last weeks radio chatter. At Auto Club Speedway, Austin Dillon was asked about that contact.

He still hasn’t talked to Blaney. However, he’s fairly sure they’ll be fine.

“Just racing. We’re battling hard for position there. The #17 was catching us from behind, from about a straight away back. I felt like it was time to go,” Austin Dillon told NASCAR Race Hub during practice rounds this week at Auto Club Speedway.

“It’s just racing. I haven’t gotten a chance to talk to Ryan. But, I’m sure we’re fine.”

“We gotta play basketball this week together. He’s on my team. I drafted him, first round. We have a good relationship. I just still got to talk to him about it and tell him what it was.”

“We’re on the same page, I’m sure. We’ve raced together, a long time. We’re fine,” Austin Dillon concluded.

Ryan Blaney went on to finish 16th at ISM Raceway. Austin Dillon finished in 17th.

Today, Austin Dillon will start 5th at Auto Club Speedway. Ryan Blaney will start 8th. That’s just the way it works, when you have a disagreement with someone on the track you end up running right next to them again the following week.


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