Clint Bowyer has completed the collage of pictures after Martinsville win

The one thing Clint Bowyer didn’t have was a picture with his son in victory lane

Clint Bowyer has run 439 races throughout his career. Of those, he’s gone to victory lane 9 times. However, his last win came in 2012.

In 2014, Clint Bowyer welcomes his son to the world. Given the 190 race win gap, the Bowyer household doesn’t possess a group photo of the family in victory lane.

That was fixed yesterday at Martinsville Speedway. In dominating form, Bowyer drove to victory lane where he met his son.

Clint Bowyer and family
Clint Bowyer and family

“It’s the one thing that I don’t have,” Clint Bowyer explained in the Martinsville Speedway media center.

“My best friend was coming. I knew he was coming. I have all these pictures in my office that I’ve just leaned up against the wall that you’ve accumulated over the years. The next thing you know, it’s been 12-13 years.”

“I was like, ‘I’m tired of it. I’m going to hang all these up.’ ”

“It’s the one thing that I don’t do. You never think about that past. I didn’t want to put a victory lane picture up on my wall. But, I was like, ‘Hell, it’s the only one I got.’ ”

“It’s been leaning up against the wall for 6-7 years. Our dirt late model championship, that plaque and all those pictures from that deal was leaning up against the wall.”

Don O’Neal claimed the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series championship in 2014. He won that dirt late model title while piloting a Clint Bowyer Racing machine.

“I started to put all these things together and I’m starting to reflect on this. The one thing that’s always missing is a picture with him,” Clint Bowyer points to his son.

“That’s when it changes your thought process. And actually, you’re reasoning for racing. A lot of people want to think about these kids as a distraction to drivers and to athletes. Oh hell, we ain’t athletes, we got power steering.”

“You start to think about what really matters in life. The one thing I didn’t want him to go through life as — was to not to know what this was all about.”

“To have all this in victory lane, that was pretty cool wasn’t it?,” Clint Bowyer asks his son.

“Yeah,” Cash Bowyer responds.


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