The NASCAR gray area will forever be pushed

Scott Miller: “Providing the level playing field is what our job is.”

Here’s how it goes. First, NASCAR puts a rule in place. Then, these teams full of rocket scientists find a way around it. Then, NASCAR modifies the rule and the cycle continues.

It’s really what teams are suppose to do. They’re suppose to fight to find every advantage possible. However, in 2018, NASCAR has technical optics to keep them in check. The window of wiggle room is smaller than ever inside the ‘room of doom’.

That’s true again this week. Chase Elliott and Hendrick Motorsports have been hit with yet another L1 penalty. This time, it’s for the same window infraction that Harvick’s #4 ‘accidentally’ stumbled upon.

A few weeks ago, Scott Miller addressed the sanctioning body’s relationship with the teams and their inspection process.

“I think that we have gotten off to a really good start in the garage. Until, Cup inspection Friday in California,” NASCAR Senior VP of Competition Scott Miller stated on ‘The Morning Drive’ via Sirius XM NASCAR Radio following the race at Auto Club Speedway.

“As you’ve seen us do, we will respond to what’s going on in the garage area. Our responsibility is to make sure all the competitors have a level playing field to work on. And our fans have the most fair show that they can watch.”

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As teams continue to push the boundaries, NASCAR will continue to crack down. Yet, the overwhelming number of fans are critical of NASCAR for essentially enforcing the rules. If teams don’t step over the rules drawn, NASCAR doesn’t have to get involved. But, they will always have to be involved.

“Providing the level playing field is what our job is. It’s what we will continue to do,” that’s NASCAR’s long-standing statement on their rulebook and for the foreseeable future, it will continue.

“We’ll react how we need to, to make sure that happens.”

At Auto Club Speedway, only 12 cars passed inspection on the first time through inspection. It happened in the NASCAR Xfinity Race at Texas Motor Speedway as well.

Rear window malfunctions happened for Kevin Harvick at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The exact same thing happened to Chase Elliott at Texas Motor Speedway. Each of those cases resulted in near identical penalties.

The inspection failure problems both pre-race and post-race do appear to be on steroids when NASCAR hits a 1.5-mile track. Though, regardless of the track, the cycle is forever ongoing.


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