Raphael Lessard vs Brandon Setzer at Hickory Motor Speedway (Video)

There was a pit area altercation at Hickory Motor Speedway last night

Kyle Busch Motorsports driver Raphael Lessard and Brandon Setzer were involved in a short track altercation on Saturday night.

Watch the video of the on-track incident below.

With two laps remaining, Raphael Lessard led Setzer by 2 car lengths. He wiggled off turn 4 coming to the white flag. That allowed Setzer to close to his bumper heading back into turn 1.

Last lap, Setzer put the bumper to Lessard in the middle of the corner and pushed him up the race track. Setzer sliped under Lessard off turn 2 and took the lead on the final lap.

Lessard then returned the bumper under braking into turn 3. Setzer went around. Chandler Smith slipped into the race for the lead as Setzer sat backwards in turn 3. Smith and Lessard banged doors coming to the line.

However, the caution flag flew for the parked car of Setzer. The CARS Tour finishes their races under green. They reset and sent Lessard to the tail via a black flag.

As they dropped the green, Chris Dilbeck worked around Chandler Smith and then drove to victory lane. Brandon Setzer finished 11th and Raphael Lessard finished 12th.

Post-Race Altercation

The short track racing action wasn’t done. Brandon Setzer quickly climbed from his car in the pit area. He then took off running, setting his destination for the Kyle Busch Motorsports pits.

Setzer was met by a large crew member. He grabbed Setzer by the neck and pushed him backward as multiple crew members became involved.

The Catawba County Sheriff was quick to the scene. The officer placed a choke hold on the CARS Tour driver he then tackled Setzer to the ground and held him there until the tempers calmed.

Raphael Lessard was 2nd in the CARS Tour Super Late Model point standings heading into Hickory Motor Speedway. Brandon Setzer is running part-time with the tour.

“The Cars Tour event last night was filled with simmering drama that eventually reached a crescendo,” Dale Earnhardt Jr stated via twitter.

Watch the video from the CARS Tour event at Hickory Motor Speedway below.


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