Bubba Pollard fights father of race winner at Hickory Motor Speedway (Video)

The Throwback 276 brought fireworks to the bullring racetrack

On Saturday night, the CARS Super Late Model Tour unloaded at Hickory Motor Speedway. The 0.363-mile bullring in Hickory, North Carolina hosted the Throwback 276.

Watch the Bubba Pollard fight video below.

Matt Craig started from the pole position and controlled the majority of the event. A 25-lap dash to the finish following a caution, brought heat from his rival, Bubba Pollard.

Craig gave Pollard the bottom. He would drive it deep into the corner but he couldn’t get the drive off as Craig would power by around the outside.

Contact was made several times between the drivers. These two have history of on-track conflict to boot.

However, neither driver crashed the other. Matt Craig was able to hold the position and got on to take the race win. He was awarded $5,000 for his effort.

But, we’re not done…

Matt Craig wins the Throwback 276 at Hickory Motor Speedway
Matt Craig wins the Throwback 276 at Hickory Motor Speedway

Hickory Motor Speedway fight

After the race, Bubba Pollard pulled his car down the pit road. He was met with the middle finger from Craig’s father.

Pollard climbed from his machine and met face to face with the man. Punches were soon thrown as the father was taken to the ground against the inside pit wall.

Officials reacted quickly to breakup the fight. Police officers joined in as well. They held the two men as they sat on top of the pit wall.

As they sat on the wall, Matt Craig also walked over to the scene to see what was happening.

Matt Craig asked, “What and the fuck are you doing?”

“He instigated it,” Bubba Pollard told Craig as he pointed to his father.

Pollard asked, “Did I not just tell you it was good hard racing?”

“It was a little rough,” Craig responded.

Pollard continued, “I could have taken you out at any point in time. I didn’t. But your old man comes by and shoots me the bird. I’m tired of it. I’ve had enough.”

“Now, don’t touch me. I’ll knock you out too,” Pollard concluded his conversation with Craig.

Watch the Bubba Pollard fight videos below.

Bubba Pollard
Fight Video


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