Steve Wallace vs Mason Mingus: Fight at the fairgrounds (VIDEO)

Mason Mingus and Steve Wallace fight at the short track super late model show

This weekend, the super late models are in action at the 5/8-mile Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville. So, are the grassroots pit area disputes.

Steve Wallace and his Jet Tools Team were involved in a pit area altercation with Wauters Motorsports. Mason Mingus is the driver of the #5m for Wauters Motorsports.

Watch the Mason Mingus and Steve Wallace fight video below.

Wallace put the bumper to Mingus on track. As he worked around Mingus, the bump-n-run was returned. That allowed Mingus to get back by Wallace.

However, in the next corner headlines were made. According to Mingus and officials, Steve Wallace took out the #5m super late model driver. That on-track incident resulted in a black flag aimed at Steve Wallace.

As both drivers went to the pit area they met again. This time, they were outside of their race cars. Mingus waited for Wallace to exit the tunnel on his golf cart when he engaged in the pit area altercation.

Video of the brawl was captured after it had already begun. Steven Wallace climbed to his feet after he and Mason Mingus found themselves in a wrestling match on the ground of the pits.

Wallace stood to his feet but he didn’t re-engage with Mingus. Instead, he went to the defense of his pit crew who were involved in a confrontation of their own. Wallace grabbed a crew member of the opposing teams and tossed him out of the scene. As soon as that happened, security arrived at the pit space and the crews mostly dispersed.

The security officer on scene held Steve Wallace as a single crew member continued to throw comments his way. “I’ll get you mother fucker,” Wallace responded with blood on his face.

Wallace qualified 11th for the main event and was credited with a 31st place finish. Mingus qualified 14th and was placed 32nd on the results sheet. They were both forced to retire from the event following damage and a black flag.

Both of these drivers are competing in the North/South Super Late Model Division this weekend. The late model portion of the show is sanction by Southern Super Series.

The ARCA Racing Series is also hosting race cars at Nashville this weekend.

UPDATE: Mason Mingus comments following the altercation with Steve Wallace

An attempt was made to contact Steve Wallace but at the same of publishing he was not available for comment.

Steve Wallace fight video


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