NASCAR has changed the way they tech the splitters, as teams found a loophole

Scott Miller explains the change to the NASCAR splitter inspection process

In the first practice session at Dover International Speedway a few teams had some issues getting through tech inspection. That was partially due to a change in the inspection process.

NASCAR is going to greater lengths to make sure the front splitter is in compliance with the rule book. A few teams might have found a way around the old tech process, so NASCAR adjusted the inspection to prevent that.

“The splitter is one of the key elements of the car from an aerodynamic perspective,” NASCAR Senior VP of Competition, Scott Miller explains on ‘The Morning Drive’ via Sirius XM NASCAR Radio.

“The rules are that the splitters have to be flat and not have any radiuses on it. It’s a hard thing to check across 40 cars. It takes a little bit of time.”

“We definitely checked it a little bit different this weekend. We thought there might be a few teams startin’ to play with some things that they shouldn’t have been.”

“It was a simple fix. It was just a matter of a way they were mounted on the car with some shims, kinda changing the angle of things or whatever. That’s not suppose to be there.”

“So, we did it that why. We got it back in check. There really wasn’t anything that was super major.”

“But, the important areas of the car from a performance standpoint are the ones that we really have to keep our arms around to make sure that everybody’s got a level playing field to deal with.”

“We just did it a little bit different and really got applauded for doing so by a lot of the competitors. Even though it did make that getting out to the first practice a little bit of a challenge. I think everyone feels better about us making sure everything’s right.”

While it was only a few laps for most cars in the field, all 38 cars did make it out for practice 1 at Dover International Speedway.


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