NASCAR VP expects a rear window penalty for Kyle Larson

Kyle Larson said contact on the track caused the rear window failure; NASCAR says probably not

Section has become an issue in the NASCAR rulebook. Teams have found a way around that rule.

The rear window passes NASCAR inspection pre-race. However, once the car reaches the race track, it transforms into something entirely different.

NASCAR continues to crack down on that particular area of the race car. Two rear window related penalties were issues at Dover International Speedway.

This week, Kyle Larson’s window was found in a similar spec to the others. Kyle Larson says contact on the race track caused the rear window to break form. NASCAR says no…

“I think there’s certainly something you can look for,” O’Donnell stated via Sirius XM NASCAR Radio.

“It’s no different than rear skew in the past where it was an area teams found they could work on — suddenly it’s become the rear window area. We see the claims of damage, but you know, talking to our folks, I’ve never seen damage cause that.”

“Certainly we’ll go back like we always do and thoroughly inspect the car, but it’s an area we continue to focus on because the teams know that they’ve found something there. And if we have to react we will, but still looking at it.”

Kyle Larson’s rear window was also deforming before the contact with Ryan Blaney. Photos on the internet have surfaced of the deformation well before contact.


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