Bubba Wallace talks positives; negatives of the Charlotte restrictor plate package

Bubba Wallace liked the Charlotte All-Star package but it got ‘boring’ because of the speeds

Bubba Wallace Jr led in the final stage of The Open at Charlotte Motor Speedway. He ended up finishing 11th. But along the way, he was able to get a feel for the new package from the back to the front of the field.

Restrictor plates, aero ducts, taller spoilers and a new splitter were all very effective in bunching up the field. It made for an exciting race and the fans left the speedway with a buzz about the future of NASCAR.

However, a package like that certainly doesn’t showcase the talent of the field. The car control aspect was all but removed. Bubba Wallace likes certain aspects and dislikes others.

Charlotte Package

“It was a lot of fun for that period of time. It got really boring because of the speed,” Bubba Wallace explained today at Pocono Raceway.

“You always dream of being at the cup level and getting [to] that superior level of the sport.”

“Jumping in with that package felt like I was jumping into just a local Saturday night race. You didn’t feel like that superior level that you’re at.”

“If you had the need for speed and car control, anybody could have drove it. And it shouldn’t be like that. You shouldn’t be able to get up to the big league and, ‘Oh I can play with Lebron. I can match him.’ ”

“It just felt like you’re at a carnival ride and just everybody was along for the ride. Aside from that, it was cool how we were at Charlotte driving like a speedway, controlling both lanes.”

Bubba Wallace went on to say it was cool in some aspects. While leading in the final stage of The Open Wallace took to blocking both lanes. He has to block the momentum lane, which he thought was neat for Charlotte.

“We gotta figure out how to give us more motor and get the aero platform to where we can still race like that and not have to worry so much about the dirty air.”

“I mean, we were still having to deal with dirty air, a little bit, with that package. So, I think they did a nice job of swinging for the fences and coming up with a game plan.”

“But now, swing harder and try to dissect it if we want to make this something that we’ll see again. Which we probably will before the season ends.”

“It would be perfect like at Indy or something. Spice that thing up! Cause damn, that’s boring. I ain’t even been there yet in the Cup car. That says a lot.”

Following the All-Star race NASCAR held an industry meeting to discuss the 1.5-mile restrictor plate package. Following the meeting, it’s likely we’ll see the package tested again in the 2018 season.

It’s likely that we’ll see it at Michigan International Speedway or Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Other tracks have expressed interest as well. Chicagoland Speedway is one of the tracks that wants the package in 2018.


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