Following a meeting: NASCAR is looking to run the high downforce package again in 2018

NASCAR is looking for another track to run the All-Star package in 2018, before possibly a more frequent rollout in 2019

In the NASCAR All-Star race, NASCAR brought a brand new package. The low downforce aero package was replaced with a taller spoiler, aero ducts and an old splitter creating high downforce. In addition, a restrictor plate was installed on the engine.

The idea was to bunch up the field. It wasn’t to create pack racing. It was just to create a race with more passing and a situation where the leader couldn’t get away. It wasn’t perfect, it didn’t hit all of those bullet points… But, it was close.

Directly following the All-Star race, NASCAR stated that the All-Star race passed the ‘eye test’. However, they still needed to take a ‘deep dive’ into the data.

In addition, they explained that an industry meeting was planned following the All-Star event and the package would be a major discussion point. That meeting has since taken place. It would appear that they have agreed to give it a second test run. The ‘where’ part is still to be determined.

“I think we certainly feel like it has a lot of potential for especially some race tracks,” Scott Miller stated on ‘The Morning Drive’ via Sirius XM NASCAR Radio.

“We did kind of have an industry stakeholders meeting after the All-Star Race and talked about a lot of different things.”

“Before we totally commit to putting races on the schedule for ’19 — we all kind of felt it would be interesting if we could take another look at it somewhere this year,” Miller said.

“Those discussions are ongoing. It’s certainly … a whole lot more complex than it seems on the surface with these teams and engine builders having these schedules and car builds and engine builds particularly down to a science. Anything we do to change that up effects a lot of things in the eco-system.”

“We’re working with the industry to come up with a plan to potentially look at it again, but we don’t have anything etched in stone at the moment.”

But where? The general ideas circle from the drivers, teams and the sanction have hinted at Michigan International Speedway and Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Chicagoland Speedway tweeted this after the All-Star race, “If at all possible, we’ll take this package on July 1.”

However, Michigan is more than likely to be the selection. There’s two Michigan races left for 2018. The first takes place on June 10th. The second Michigan race is August 12th. Indianapolis is not a likely selection as it’s the final race of the regular season before the playoffs begin.

Charlotte Motor Speedway
Charlotte Motor Speedway

Marcus Smith wanted it in the Coca-Cola 600

Marcus Smith wanted the package to be used the following week in the Coca-Cola 600. However, his lobbying efforts were denied.

“I am all about the fans,” Smith said. “I want what the fans want, and sometimes I want to try things the fans don’t even know they want.”

Instead, they used the regular low downforce package in the Coke 600. Kyle Busch ran away with the show, winning all 4 stages.

“Logistics were against us in the way the teams work and do so much ahead of time. But I am really happy with the way the sport overall has responded. There’s a really good shot we are going to see it more,” Marcus Smith stated.


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