Driver runs track backwards; Retaliates on the wrong guy (Video)

Dirt late model driver barred from the dirt track following retaliation on the wrong competitor

Ryan King vs Colten Jackson at Fort Payne Motor Speedway

The United Championship Racing Alliance rolled into Fyffe, Alabama on September 3rd. The 3/8-mile clay oval of Fort Payne Motor Speedway was set to host the show.

24-year-old, Ryan King #55 of Talladega, Alabama was leading with just 3 laps to go in the event. As they went off into turn 1, Danny Whitten #33 made contact with the race leader.

Ryan King went from the lead to backwards on the race track. The caution flag dropped on the event.

King idled through turns one and two as the field coasted under caution off turns three and four. As King exited turn one, while going the wrong direction, he gassed it up a bit more.

Directly under the flag stand, King hit the #J4 of Colten Jackson head on. The two cars were brought to a halt on the front stretch.

“King thought I was the one that had hit him and turned around on the track, came backwards and hit my head on at about 60mph,” 23-year-old, Colten Jackson explained to .

“I didn’t see him at first because I was going to stop at the flag stand and then all of a sudden I look up and see him coming at me at about 30 yards and barely had time to let go of the steering wheel. He hit me so hard it bent the front clip on my car, front suspension and then sprained my wrist very bad.”

“It killed both of our cars, which either way I don’t care not one bit about his loss. But I lost over $3000-$4000 worth of damage to my car out of retaliation to the wrong person. It’s absolute ignorance if you ask me,” Jackson continued.

Colten Jackson in victory lane at Fort Payne Motor Speedway
Colten Jackson in victory lane at Fort Payne Motor Speedway

Colten Jackson was wrongly accused and suffered the retaliation for an incident he had nothing to do with. Jackson was the point leader in the UCRA 602 Sportsman class.

The flag man came out of the scoring tower to approach the drivers. In addition, several track crew members were quick to the wrecked cars on the front stretch. King was apprised by Dekaln Co. Sheriffs Deputies at the scene.

As the racing resumed, Danny Whitten led the final three laps and drove it to victory lane. He pocketed the $800 win following the 30-lap main event.

“Ryan King was Barred from Fort Payne Motor Speedway due to his actions on the track Saturday night,” Fort Payne Motor Speedway stated in a brief statement to .

Jackson was the point leader heading into the event. Now, he has a race car with a bent front clip.

“I don’t have many spare parts, much less another car. We are a family based team that I do my own work as much as I can. I am not sure how the points lay out now,” Jackson explained.

“We are gonna try and fix it ASAP and get right back out there and win the points! We will not let another persons actions mess up the rest of our year and the things we have planned,” the Jackson Motorsports driver concluded.

Ryan King and the Dekaln Co. Sheriffs were approached for comment but were unavailable at the time of publication.

You can watch the video up the wrongful retaliation in the video below.

Ryan King vs Colten Jackson Video


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