Joey Logano sets record for world’s longest Hot Wheels track (Video)

NASCAR driver Joey Logano used his Huntersville shop to set a Hot Wheels world record

Joey Logano is the driver of the No. 22 for Team Penske in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. He’s the 2018 series champion.

For 36-weeks, Logano travels the country from one NASCAR track to the next. It’s a busy schedule that doesn’t leave much room for hobbies.

It’s now the off-season for the NASCAR world. 3 months of down time. The driver has come up with a creative way to kill the time.

It still involves cars. It’s just on a much smaller scale.

On Thursday, Logano set the world-record for the world’s longest Hot Wheels track. The track was setup in Logano’s Huntersville, North Carolina shop.

The hot wheels car weaved through the shop. It went under a car collection including a DeLorean. He rolled next to NASCAR memorabilia and under the 2018 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series trophy.

It took 10 people to setup the Hot Wheels track and film the attempts from multiple angles. Several hours later, the world record was set.

At the end of the track, the Hot Wheels car jumped into Logano’s Ford Mustang. The new world record was then celebrated, NASCAR style, with a few donuts in the parking lot.

“Talk about a dream come true,” Logano said. “I have so many memories playing with my Hot Wheels cars as a kid. … Hot Wheels basically founded my passion for racing — the first car I ever had was a Hot Wheels car.”

Guinness World Records has verified the attempt. The World’s Longest Hot Wheels track ever recorded is now 1,941 ft.

Hot Wheels World Record
Joey Logano


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