English Racing GTR Sets World Record Video

English Racing GTR Sets World Record

English Racing GTR PhotosThe English Racing GTR has set records several times in the past few days. Watch the video of the Nissan GTR below.

ETS and the English Racing GTR Nissan broke the previously set world record on Aug 16, 2014 at the Buschur DSM/EVO/GTR Shootout at Summit Motorsports Track in Nowalk, OH. They managed run down the strip squeezing off a 7.80 second pass @ 182mph.  Even with a start that seemed a bit loose, the English Racing GTR still pulls down the world record.

It’s worth noting that English Racing were the ones who held the track record before hand. Meaning they broke their own track record with the English Racing ETS GTR pass on the 1/4 mile drag strip. The video is just beautiful, give it a look below.

Watch the video of the English Racing Nissan GTR on the 1/4 mile below the GTR mods list and photos.


English Racing GTR Mod List

English Racing GTR Turbo Kit
ETS Super99 Little Hero Turbo Kit

English Racing GTR Exhaust System
ETS 4.0″ (102mm) Titanium Exhaust System
ETS 4.0″ Y-pipe

English Racing GTR Intercooler Kit
ETS Race Intercooler Kit
Full 3.0″ Piping w/ TiAL Blow Off Valves
TiAL Blow Off Valves

English Racing GTR Intakes
ETS 4″ Race Intakes

English Racing GTR Engine
ETS 4.1L Stroker Kit (Custom Crank, Rods and Pistons) w/ proprietary ETS modifications
ETS 5 axis CNC Heads w/ Serdi Full Radius Seat Work
ETS Valvetrain
ETS Cams
ETS Breather System
Boost Logic Intake Manifold
Greddy Throttle Body 

English Racing GTR Drivetrain
ETS In-House Built Transmission
Shep Built Promax
T1R Transmission Brace
PPG 1-6 Gears
PPG Output Shaft
PPG FWD Output Shaft
Driveshaft Shop Front Axles
Driveshaft Shop Rear Axles
Driveshaft Shop Rear Axle Stub
ETS LSD Shimming

English Racing GTR Fuel
Injector Dynamics ID2000cc Injectors
ETS Mechanical Fuel System

English Racing GTR Tuning
Cobb Accessport w/ Trans Control
Got Boost Speed Density Conversion
English Racing Pro Tune


English Racing GTR Photos


English Racing GTR World Record Video

Source: English Racing Facebook