Kyle Larson is ok after wild dirt track crash (Video)

Kyle Larson flips 5 times in violent dirt midget crash

It’s the NASCAR off-season. But, the racing season is year round when you’re willing to jump across the equator.

Watch the Kyle Larson crash video below.

NASCAR stars Kyle Larson and Christopher Bell have ventured to New Zealand. Day one of the week long International Midget Series event took place at Western Springs Speedway.

Larson finished 2nd in his first heat race and won the second.

In the United Stated vs New Zealand vs Australia test heat races, Larson also won the first heat. However, it all went wrong in the second.

Larson was running the cushion while running 3rd in the second United Stated vs New Zealand vs Australia test heat race. The car stepped out and he lightly tagged the wall with his right rear.

The car landed sideways and he was violently cast into an immediate set of barrel rolls. Larson rolled five times, making little contact with the track itself in the process.

Larson came to a rest on his lid. The medical team came over to check on him before rolling the car back on its wheels.

With the damaged car, Larson was out of the feature event that he had previously qualified for.

“Had a bit of a tumble last night. Feeling surprisingly not too bad,” Larson stated the next day.

“That’s a huge thanks to Arai Americas, Simpson Racing, Hybrid Pro and seat belts, BUTLERBuilt and Justin Insley of King Chassis. Oh and my parents for making me drink lots of milk growing up,” Larson concluded the day after the crash.

Christopher Bell flips

Kyle Larson isn’t the only NASCAR star to head south of the equator. Christopher Bell is set to run for Rookie of the Year in the NASCAR Cup Series starting in 2020.

Watch the Christopher Bell crash video below.

Bell joined Larson in the same dirt track division. Both drivers had qualified for the feature race. In a similar test race, Christopher Bell also rolled.

Ironically, Bell also lost it in the same corner He knocked a rut which turned him into the wall. Contact with the wall sent him into a barrel roll.

Bell also climbed from his machine without injury.

Both drivers were unable to compete in the feature event after a crash in nearly the exact same spot on the track.

Kyle Larson flips
Western Springs Speedway
Christopher Bell flips
Western Springs Speedway

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