Tony Stewart mentioned in ‘Billions’ tv show

NASCAR Hall of Famer mentioned in Showtime’s drama series

Billions is a show that airs on Sunday night’s via the Showtime network.

The Drama is currently in session 5. It’s a show about billionaire Bobby Axelrod (played by Damian Lewis) and his hedge fund operation.

Axelrod tends to push the boundaries of the law or purposefully step right over them to get the best financial results for his firm. In many cases, the scenes in the show are inspired by real-world headlines.

The show itself was spawned from real-world stories told by Preet Bharara, who was the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York from 2009 to 2017. This created the Chuck Rhoades (Played by Paul Giamatti) character.

Recently, S5 E5 mentioned NASCAR Hall of Fame driver Tony Stewart…

Billions: Mention of Tony Stewart

Show: Billions
Details: S5 E5 (Episode title: Contract)

Taylor Mason and Wendy Rhoades were discussing an employee within an investment firm as the time of the mention…

Wendy Rhoades (Played by Maggie Siff): “We have to fire him.”

Taylor Mason (played by Asia Kate Dillon): ” ‘Have to’ is a bit strong. We have to breathe, have to find shelter, food to eat. We don’t have to fire Winston. Should, I could co-sign, should. We should fire him.”

WR: “Then we will.”

TM: “Will we?”

WR: “We said no exceptions.”

TM: “The exact words were, ‘Strive for no-exceptions.’ “

WR: “So, Winston’s the perfect fit.”

TM: “No. Winston’s Tony Stewart in 2005. Cocky cause he drives fast. But, too brazen, too cutthroat, he’ll punch you on pit road or run you over. But, like Stewart, he gets results.”

Tony Stewart is a 3-time NASCAR Cup Series champion as well as an Indy Racing League champion. He collected 49-wins in the Cup Series and is a 2020 NASCAR Hall of Fame inductee.


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