Brendan Gaughan tests positive for Coronavirus

Second NASCAR driver tests positive for virus

Brendan Gaughan has tested positive for the Coronavirus. He broke the news on Wednesday afternoon.

Gaughan becomes the second NASCAR driver to test positive for the virus.

On July 3, 2020, Jimmie Johnson became the first driver to test positive for the Coronavirus. By the following Monday, Johnson had completed two negative tests for the virus.

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Both Gaughan and Johnson are in their final season with the NASCAR Cup Series.

Gaughan has two more races left in his Cup career. He has plans to run Daytona on August 29 and Talladega on October 4. He drives for Beard Racing.

In order to return to the sport, Gaughan is required to show no symptoms. In addition, he must provide to negative tests, both within more than 24 hours of each other.

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Brendan Gaughan says he tested positive for Coronavirus

“Yes, I have a two week vacation right now is the way I’m describing it,” Brendan Gaughan told ‘On Track’ via SiriusXM NASCAR Radio.

“I got a birthday present last week, which was Friday. I tested positive for the Coronavirus.”

“So I am indoors for a couple weeks. No wife, no kids for two weeks. I am indoor, quarantined with my puppy and staying isolated on one side of the house and the kids are at a friend’s house, hanging out, playing and swimming.”

“My son just texted me this morning, saying ‘I miss you daddy.’ We facetime a bunch.”

“I’m good, I’m here. I’ve been watching racing. I have lots of time to catch up on many things. Yesterday I was down to the Lone Ranger reruns and Matlock, so I have all sorts of energy to get out today.”

“I’m fine,” he said. “I had a head cold with a headache, a stuffy nose and a little post-nasal drip and that’s it. That’s really the most of anything I’ve had, maybe felt tired one of the days or so.”

“Other than that, just walking around the house, trying to get work down.”

All of Gaughan’s co-workers and partners were tested after, they came back negative.

“They’re back at work trying to run the mothership. My little cleaning and disinfecting company is going well.”

Gaughan says he tested positive for COVID-19


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