NASCAR’s Dale Jarrett tests positive for Coronavirus

Dale Jarrett comments following positive COVID-19 test

On Tuesday, NASCAR broke the news of the 2021 NASCAR Hall of Fame inductees. The talking heads went to talking about it…

However, one of the television analysts was absent from the studio and instead commented on the news from his home via streaming video.

He addressed why:

“Last week, I tested positive for the Coronavirus. But, I’m doing great,” Dale Jarrett stated during the live telecast.

“I’ve been one of the very fortunate ones that my symptom has only been a slight cough throughout all of this and it’s really getting less and less each day, so I’m doing very, very well.”

He added, “All I can say is follow all the guidelines stay as safe as you possibly can and hopefully we can all get through this in the very near future.”

Jarrett is 63 years old.

He is a NASCAR Hall of Fame driver. Now retired from the sport, he collected 32 wins throughout his 24 year career in the NASCAR Cup Series. Jarrett is the 1999 NASCAR Cup Series Champion driver.

Currently, Jarrett works for NBC Sports.


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