Eldora Speedway Results: September 12, 2020 (Intercontinental Classic)

The $50,000 to win World 100 replacement has concluded at Eldora Speedway

Tonight, it’s the third and final night of the dirt late model show at Eldora Speedway. The Intercontinental Classic weekend concludes with a $50,000 to win main event.

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This event is the replacement event for the famed World 100. Fans aren’t allowed in the grandstands, it’s a streaming only event.

Chris Ferguson and Kyle Strickler set the front row. 67 laps of dirt late model racing are up next…

Intercontinental Classic
Main Event – Report

Four wide salute at Eldora Speedway
Four wide salute at Eldora Speedway (Photo: Mike Ruefer)

Green flag, Ferguson dives to the bottom but he leaves the outside lane open. Strickler powers to his outside. Strickler is all over him off turn four. They nearly make contact as Strickler drives hard to the inside and takes the air away as they both went for the inside lane.

Lap 4, Strickler leads by 1 second.

Lap 5, Madden tags the wall in turn four. He drops from 4th to 6th in the process.

Lap 7, Jimmy Owens heads to the pit lane under green with motor issues. He’s had issues all weekend.

Lap 10, Strickler works lap traffic. Ferguson is closing.

Lap 16, Bobby Pierce is slow and the caution is out.

Green, Strickler and Ferguson run side by side into turn one. Strickler leads off turn two on the bottom.

Lap 17, Ricky Weiss rolls the cushion and clears McDowell. Weiss to 3rd.

Lap 25, Dennis Erb Jr has climbed to 7th. He started at the tail after starting toward the rear.

Lap 29, the caution is out as Brandon Sheppard is slow.

Green, Strickler leads. Ferguson tags the wall in the turn one. He bounces off it and keeps rolling, no caution. Ferguson drops to 13th as the field rolled by on the inside.

Darrell Lanigan, Brandon Sheppard and Scott Bloomquist at Eldora Speedway
Darrell Lanigan, Brandon Sheppard and Scott Bloomquist at Eldora Speedway (Photo: Mike Ruefer)

Lap 30, Scott Bloomquist is flying through the field. He transferred into this race with a B-Main win and he’s now up to 7th.

Lap 32, Kyle Bronson spins while trying to find the pit entrance and the caution is out.

Green, Strickler leads. They rub doors and run three wide for 2nd into turn one. Weiss wins that battle on the outside.


Lap 36, Bobby Pierce is slow and the caution is out. Richards heads to the pits as well.

Ricky Weiss and Dale McDowell
Ricky Weiss and Dale McDowell (Photo: Mike Ruefer)

Green, Strickler leads. Davenport looks to the middle to make it three wide for 2nd, he lifts and Weiss holds the spot.

Lap 38, Strickler struggles with the lap car of Bobby Pierce. Weiss closes right to his rear bumper.

Lap 40, Strickler finally slides Pierce and puts him a lap down. Pierce calls it quits and heads to the pit area under green.

Lap 48, Strickler is glued to the cushion. He brushes the wall in turn three and Weiss has a run. Weiss to the inside in turn one and he clears him off turn two.

Strickler fights back on the top in turn three. He pulls even and Strickler retakes the lead!

Lap 55

Lap 55, Ricky Weiss is up in smoke down the backstretch. He heads to the infield, no caution.

Lap 60, Kent Robinson is up in smoke and the caution is out.

Kyle Strickler at Eldora Speedway
Kyle Strickler at Eldora Speedway (Photo: Mike Ruefer)

Green, Strickler leads into turn one. Davenport takes over 2nd as McDowell drops off the pace.

6 to go, Strickler leads Davenport and McCreadie.

3 to go, Strickler leads Davenport by 2 seconds.

Final lap, Strickler has lost a right rear tire! Davenport drives right by on the inside.

Jonathan Davenport wins at Eldora Speedway!

View full Eldora results below.

Jonathan Davenport in victory lane at Eldora Speedway
Jonathan Davenport in victory lane at Eldora Speedway (Photo: Mike Ruefer)

Intercontinental Classic
Eldora Speedway Results
September 12, 2020

View full results from the Rossburg, Ohio dirt track below.

Hot Laps

Hot Laps (Combined): 1. Kyle Strickler (15.542); 2. Brandon Overton (15.607); 3. Kent Robinson (15.862); 4. Jimmy Owens (15.872); 5. Chris Ferguson (15.922); 6. Gregg Satterlee (15.962); 7. Chad Simpson (16.008); 8. Kyle Bronson (16.051); 9. Scott James (16.059); 10. Logan Martin (16.077);

11. Mason Zeigler; 12. Jason Feger; 13. Jonathan Davenport; 14. Josh Richards; 15. Ross Bailes; 16. Frank Heckenast Jr; 17. Darrell Lanigan; 18. Brandon Sheppard; 19. Mike Marlar; 20. Ricky Weiss;

21. Shannon Babb; 22. Chase Junghans; 23. Bobby Pierce; 24. Hudson O’Neal; 25. Matt Miller; 26. Tim McCreadie; 27. Doug Drown; 28. Dennis Erb Jr; 29. Chris Madden; 30. Steven Roberts;

31. Earl Pearson Jr; 32. Cory Hedgecock; 33. Dale McDowell; 34. Scott Bloomquist; 35. Spencer Hughes; 36. Zack Mitchell; 37. Jon Henry; 38. Gordy Gundaker; 39. Jerry Bowersock;


There’s no qualifying sessions for the final night of the show. The heat race lineups have been set by points from the previous two nights of racing.

Heat Races

Heat 1 (10 Laps – Top 4 Advance): 1. Dale McDowell; 2. Ricky Weiss; 3. Tim McCreadie; 4. Spencer Hughes; 5. Dennis Erb Jr; 6. Scot Bloomquist; 7. Zack Mitchell; 8. Gordy Gundaker; 9. Jerry Bowersock; 10. Jon Henry; 11. Cory Hedgecock;

Heat 2 (10 Laps – Top 4 Advance): 1. Chris Madden; 2. Josh Richards; 3. Brandon Sheppard; 4. Chase Junghans; 5. Frank Heckenast Jr; 6. Mason Zeigler; 7. Matt Miller; 8. Ross Bailes; 9. Shannon Babb; 10. Doug Drown;

Heat 3 (10 Laps – Top 4 Advance): 1. Kyle Strickler; 2. Brandon Overton; 3. Darrell Lanigan; 4. Jimmy Owens; 5. Earl Pearson Jr; 6. Hudson O’Neal; 7. Jeep Van Wormer; 8. Kent Robinson; 9. Bobby Pierce; 10. Mike Marlar;

Heat 4 (10 Laps – Top 4 Advance): 1. Chris Ferguson; 2. Jonathan Davenport; 3. Scott James; 4. Chad Simpson; 5. Kyle Bronson; 6. Gregg Satterlee; 7. Logan Martin; 8. Steven Roberts; 9. Jason Feger;

Alphabet Mains

B-Main 1 (12 Laps – Top 3 Advance): 1. Scott Bloomquist; 2. Frank Heckenast Jr; 3. Jerry Bowersock; 4. Mason Zeigler; 5. Zack Mitchell; 6. Matt Miller; 7. Jon Henry; 8. Gordy Gundaker; 9. Ross Bailes; 10. Doug Drown; 11. Cory Hedgecock;

B-Main 2 (12 Laps – Top 3 Advance): 1. Kent Robinson; 2. Hudson O’Neal*; 3. Bobby Pierce; 4. Kyle Bronson; 5. Gregg Satterlee; 6. Steven Roberts; 7. Logan Martin; 8. Jeep Van Wormer; 9. Earl Pearson Jr; 10. Jason Feger; 11. Mike Marlar;

*Hudson O’Neal is light at the scales after claiming a transfer spot. Kyle Bronson will instead take the transfer spot into the feature event.

Feature Results
Eldora Speedway
Dirt Late Model Stream
September 12, 2020

(67 Laps – $50,000 to win)

Pos | Driver

1. Jonathan Davenport
2. Tim McCreadie
3. Shannon Babb
4. Dennis Erb Jr
5. Chris Ferguson
6. Kyle Strickler
7. Scott Bloomquist
8. Chase Junghans
9. Chris Madden
10. Brandon Sheppard
11. Scott James
12. Brandon Overton
13. Darrell Lanigan
14. Frank Heckenast Jr
15. Jerry Bowersock
16. Chad Simpson
17. Dale McDowell
18. Kent Robinson
19. Ricky Weiss
20. Spencer Hughes
21. Josh Richards
22. Bobby Pierce
23. Kyle Bronson
24. Jimmy Owens

Jonathan Davenport in victory lane at Eldora Speedway - Intercontinental Classic
Jonathan Davenport in victory lane at Eldora Speedway – (Photo: Mike Ruefer)Intercontinental Classic
Eldora Speedway
Intercontinental Classic
Video Highlights
September 12, 2020

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