McKenna Haase involved in highway crash; Driver ok but likely out for season

Haase has provided an update following the crash

McKenna Haase is a 23-year-old dirt sprint car driver. She currently runs a mix of 410 and 360 engine races. She’s also a former contestant on American Ninja Warrior.

View MeKenna Haase crash photos below.

On Saturday night, Haase unloaded at Fremont Speedway in Ohio. She entered the 410 sprint car division to compete with the ASCoC.

The team qualified 40th of the 41 entries with no time set. She then ran 7th in the heat, placing her in the B Main. She ran 13th in the B Main, missing the A Main.

But, the night was far from over.

The team transported the car to the race shop after the race. On the way home from the shop, Haase was rear ended on the highway.

She bruised following the crash but appears to be ok. More tests are scheduled for Tuesday.

McKenna Haase (Sunday Update):

“A lot can change in 24 hours…last night on the way home from the shop after racing Fremont I was rear ended hard on the interstate and spun 180 into a guardrail,” Hasse stated via social media.

“My head hit the steering wheel hard numerous times and the airbags did not deploy and my seat was laid flat and twisted. I spent the night in the hospital, and as God would have it the doctors were surprised with clear scans after what was suspected to be a fractured jaw and nose.”

“I do have a concussion and my face, jaw, head, and neck are in a lot of pain. However, I’m grateful to be alive and grateful it wasn’t worse.”

“Thank you to my race team, friends, and family for coming to help immediately. I’m devastated my racing season has more than likely come to an end, and I won’t be climbing any warped walls anytime soon.”

“I’d appreciate any phone calls this week since I won’t be very active if any of you have some free time. Just another bump in the road to overcome.”

Saturday Update:

Another update was posted on Saturday night. The embeded social media post below shows images of the car that hit her.

Haase added, “Just a little update: I was able to go and gather my belongings from my car today and also saw the car that was supposedly the one that hit me (white car in photos).”

“I also had a cardiology appointment as a follow up to some abnormalities on my EKG in the ER. The doctors aren’t worried about it at all but are going to do an echocardiogram tomorrow just to make sure.”

“Beyond that it’ll just take time and rest for my face, head, neck, and chest to heal. I really can’t thank everyone enough who has called, messaged, visited, etc.”

“I’m overwhelmed by the love and support and feel so very grateful for all the wonderful people in my life.”

McKenna Haas crash photos

McKenna Haase | Fremont Speedway | ASCoC