What does it cost to rent full-time NASCAR Xfinity Series ride?

Pay-to-race pricing is generally kept secret. Until today…

So now you want to just up and drive NASCAR? You can, for a price. MBM Motorsports has released the cost to rent a full-time NASCAR ride for the 2020 season.

Carl Long Motorsports operates multiple cars across multiple NASCAR divisions. His MBM Motorsports operation is based in Statesville, North Carolina.

Timmy Hill ran full-time for the team at the NASCAR Cup Series level in 2020. Chad Finchum also ran three races in a separate part-time NCS effort.

As for the team’s NASCAR Xfinity Series lineup, it’s a much larger rotation of drivers because it’s far cheaper to rent Xfinity rides. Harold Crooms, Chad Finchum, Timmy Hill, Jesse Iwuji, John Jackson, Stephen Leicht, Carl Long, Stan Mullis and Bobby Reuse all made NXS starts with the team during the 2020 racing season alone.

Only three of those drivers made more than 10 starts: Chad Finchum (25), Stephen Leicht (19) and Timmy Hill (15).

The team totaled up 96 NASCAR Xfinity Series entries in 2020. At season’s end they netted two top-5s and for top-10s. On average the team started 29th and finished 26th with 5 laps led.

No driver ran all 33 schedule Xfinity races for the team in 2020. However, for 2021, MBM Motorsports is looking to put a driver in the seat full-time, for a price.

Most of the underfunded teams have a rental program. You either bring money, you bring a sponsor or you watch from the grandstands. However, it’s rare that the actual cost of such a deal is released.

Until today…

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Chad Finchum 2 - NASCAR Xfinity Series - MBM Motorsports
Chad Finchum 2 – NASCAR Xfinity Series – MBM Motorsports

Cost to drive at Carl Long Motorsports

Ahead of Christmas, Carl Long Motorsports and MBM Motorsports released the following message on social media. They are looking for a full-time NASCAR Xfinity Series driver, at the cost of $650,000 to the driver.

“We need 1 more full time driver in Xfinity to complete our line up. You will be going to all Xfinity races. So here is the bargain price of $650,000,” the release opened.

“There are additions like a Cup pit crew, more tires, or engines leased from Gibbs that can be added to the cost.”

“Most teams will not post a cost and try to negotiate, sure I would like to get a 4+ million deal, and if we built 10 new cars each year, we would need big $.”

“Our cars, haulers, engines are all paid for, so there is no need for us to add that to our price. You would be teammates with Timmy, Chad, and Stephen, as well as John Jackson and I may also pop in for a race here and there.”

“I am not going to put someone in because they are a great driver in their local division, I need a person who has money, willing to listen / learn and hopefully do well enough to attract more $ so we can afford to go faster.”

“If I am going to pay all the cost of the car with no sponsors, then Johnny or I will drive it. There you go, Merry Christmas!!”

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