Romain Grosjean extinguishes his own Indycar fire (Video)

Last year, Romain Grosjean was burned badly in a fiery F1 crash; This year, the racing driver has upgraded to putting out his own Indycar fires!

In 2021, Romain Grosjean was racing for Haas F1. His stint with the team and series came to a close via a fiery crash at the Bahrain International Circuit.

Watch Romain Grosjean put out his own fire in Sunday’s Indycar race in the video below.

Impact with a barrier at high speed caused the car to be cut in half as the driver’s compartment went through a guardrail. The rear end was separated and an explosion of racing fuel soon followed.

That 2020 impact was measured at 67g. Somehow, Grosjean was able to remove himself from the cockpit. With help from by Alan van der Merwe and Ian Roberts, the driver was able to escape the large fireball that surrounded him.

Grosjean was airlifted to a military hospital. He suffered burns on his hands and ankles. The driver went into surgery in December 2020.

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Romain Grosjean: Indycar Fire

Six months later, Grosjean is in a new ride in the Indycar Series. To date, the driver has bandages on his hands from the burns suffered months ago.

So, when Gorsjean’s Rick Ware Racing Indycar machine caught fire on Sunday, you might expect the driver to get out and run from the scene as fast as possible. But, only half of those things happened.

Late in Sunday’s Detroit Grand Prix, Grosjeans front brakes caught fire. As he came to a stop, the lack of airflow caused the flames to quickly spread.

Grosjean jumped from his machine. Immediately, his arms went up in the air as he waited for the safety workers to extinguish the flames.

Proactively, Grosjean run over to a flag worker and requested a fire extinguisher. He then ran back to his machine and extinguished his own fire.

Seconds later, the AMR safety team arrived. They also used their extinguishers to put out the fire. They quickly encouraged Grosjean to remove himself from the scene.

Romain Grosjean - Indianapolis GP - Pole Position - Indycar Series
Romain Grosjean – Indianapolis GP – Pole Position – Indycar Series (Photo: Joe Skibinski)

Romain Grosjean comments

“It was a pretty eventful weekend in Detroit,” said Grosjean.

“I think we had two mega qualifying results with a third yesterday and fifth today. But I got sandwiched at the race start and I lost a fair bit of positions. Then we tried to come into the race, but I picked up a drive thru penalty and we tried to come back from there. Eventually we had a brake fire, and I had to extinguish a fire, but we’re all good here! I think the positive of the day is that we improved the #51 Nurtec ODT car a lot from yesterday and we can now look forward to Road America.”

After the fire, Grosjean added via twitter, “I care about my racing cars.”

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Remain Grosjean puts out his own fire

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