NASCAR driver Corey Lajoie frustrated to be forced into quarantine

The unvaccinated follow stiffer NASCAR protocols regarding the virus

NASCAR was the first major sport back in action in 2020. They followed that with another milestone, being the first sport back with fans in the stands.

Recently, NASCAR has reinstated some COVID protocols that had been dropped months prior. That’s in response to a recent uptick in the trends of new positive cases.

NASCAR driver Corey LaJoie hosts a podcast on a weekly basis. All NASCAR members keep a log of people they come in contact with, both at the race track and away from it.

Upon a positive case, it allows NASCAR to go back and see who that person had contact with. That’s LaJoie’s situation.

The driver did not test positive for the virus. However, a person who was in the podcast studio on Monday, has since tested positive.

Per the protocols, LaJoie is forced to evacuate the No.7 seat this weekend. Josh Berry will jump behind the wheel of the Spire Motorsports ride in the NASCAR Cup Series race.

Corey LaJoie on the mandatory quarantine

“It came from when we were doing the podcast on Monday. One of the people that was in the studio, he tested a couple days later, positive. Contact tracing, regardless of if I had symptoms or a negative test, it’s an automatic 7-day quarantine,” Lajoie stated via Sirius XM NASCAR Radio

“Which is frustrating. It sucks and it stinks. We had a pretty good car prepared with two wildcard races.”

“We’re going to see Josh Berry dance with my chick on the dance floor. Which stings a little bit but I do appreciate people checking in on me.”

“It’s kinda the world we live in. Do I agree with it all the time? Probably not.”

“I’m not a scientist or a politician, I’m a race car driver. I was in unfortunate circumstance and I don’t get to do my job this weekend.”

“I wish I had the opportunity to prove I’m not carrying, not transmitting or whatever. But, I don’t even get the opportunity to do that for what we’re working with. That’s what really has me aggravated.”

“I’m not going to tell anyone else what their risk aversion should be. I feel plenty healthy, my immune system is capable of fighting off anything. I work out as hard as anybody, I eat healthy. That’s kind of where I stand.”

“I don’t want to be the guinea pig or the example by no means. But, I do think people could probably learn from this particular circumstance and be a little more cautious.”

“I just don’t want somebody who is actually competing for a championship have their whole season go down the drain for something you’re not even susceptible to.”

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NASCAR contact policy

NASCAR has two different policy sets regarding contact with a positive case:

If you’re unvaccinated and come in contact with someone who has tested positive recently then you must quarantine for 7 days. Additionally, LaJoie must post a negative test result.

If you’re vaccinated, no quarantine is required. However, you still must get tested for the virus 3-5 days after meeting the contact who previously tested positive.

The CDC has the same guidelines.

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