World of Outlaws Rule Change: Ignition Boxes

A ban has been issued on a list of ignition boxes

Today, the DIRTcar banned several ignition boxes from dirt late model competition. This includes the DIRTcar UMP and World of Outlaws Late Model Series divisions.

The boxes listed in the new ban are programmable. However, they have to be plugged into a PC to do so.

The boxes also racers to create a timing curve, in some cases, every 100rpm. They offer advanced timing control to ramp the timing or retard it as desired.

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Bulletin No. 2021-0002

Effective Date: September 1, 2021

The following is a revision to the 2021 DIRTcar Late Model Rules:
The following is a revision to the 2021 World of Outlaws Morton Buildings Late Model Series Rules:

This bulletin provides an amendment to Chapter 3, Section 6,A:

The following ignition boxes will not be permitted for use:
-MSD Red 6 Box (Part No. 6530)
-MSD Black 6 Box (Part No. 65303)
-MSD Gold 7 Box (Part No. 7531)
-Fast Ignition (Part No. 307222)

Dirt late model driver comments

“This is a good rule. It’s getting out ahead of something before it becomes a problem,” Austin Kirkpatrick stated.

“The armchair racers critiquing this either have no idea how much these programmable boxes cost, or aren’t taking into consideration the optics. Super late model racing is by no means a poor man’s sport, but it also needs to stay somewhat relatable and grass roots.”

“The optics of a car pulling into the pits and plugging a laptop in is going to make it appear more advanced and expensive than it needs to. It will turn off potential new comers as the “technology gap” will appear insurmountable.”

He added, “There’s a reason why sprint car and late model fans largely don’t watch F1 or drone races. One of the great part about our cars is you can STILL buy 1,500$ worth of tubes, some other relatively cheap mechanical parts and tools, and build one in your garage. The longer this can remain true, the easier it will be to grow the sport.”


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