Kyle Busch, Denny Hamlin brilliantly irk NASCAR fans at Bristol intros (Video)

Watch the video from the NASCAR driver intros at Bristol Motor Speedway; Pure brilliance

Bristol Motor Speedway embraces their coliseum style atmosphere. The fans engage showing love to their favorite drivers and they’re even more vocal when their most hated drivers take the stage.

Watch the 2021 Bristol driver intro videos below.

Ahead of Saturday’s race, drivers walk across the track and enter the stage to music of their choice. They’re also given a microphone to say something to the fans.

In the past, the Bristol driver intros have created memorial moments. Like the time Brad Keselowski grabbed the microphone to say, “Kyle Busch is an ass!” Which fired up a roar from the crowd in 2011.

These days, Kyle Busch is a veteran at being disliked. When it comes to being hated, he’s learned how to play the game.

Busch walked out during driver intros with sunglasses on to a sea of boos. He then stated on the microphone, “If you love you some Rowdy, let me hear you go booooooo!”

The fans were noticeably flustered. They didn’t know if they should boo or stay quiet following pure brilliance from the driver of the No. 18.

Denny Hamlin is another driver that’s seen an increase in boos at recent NASCAR events. There’s little doubt that’s related to recent tweets from his ex-girlfriend Jordan Fish. The tweets have since been deleted but the comments still went viral.

Hamlin responded to the boos from Bristol race fans with a calm, “I love you all too!”

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Kyle Busch
Bristol Motor Speedway
Driver Intro Video (2021)

Denny Hamlin
Bristol Motor Speedway
Driver Intro Video (2021)

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