Alex Bowman brilliantly embraces ‘HACK’ comments from Denny Hamlin

Denny Hamlin crashed into Alex Bowman after the Martinsville win; Bowman had a new shirt listed an hour later

On Sunday, Martinsville Speedway hosted the final elimination race for the NASCAR Cup Series. The 500-lap race set the stage for next week’s championship race at Phoenix Raceway.

Denny Hamlin was leading in the closing laps. However, Alex Bowman was breathing on his rear bumper.

At one point, Bowman got into the rear bumper of Hamlin and shoved him up the track. In the next corner, Hamlin had him lined up for a retaliation punt. Instead, Bowman went high, Hamlin drove it deep under him, doored him and Hamlin retook the lead.

With 6 to go, Bowman had a run on Hamlin. He dove to the inside, Hamlin stayed high and gave him the lane. However, Bowman wheel hopped and missed the corner. Bowman clipped Hamlin in the left rear and sent him into the wall.

Bowman went on to grab the race win. Hamlin was still furious.

As Bowman pulled to the front stretch for donuts and an interview, Hamlin followed him. Initially, Hamlin pulled in front of Bowman but Bowman just did a donut around the No. 11. car.

Hamlin then stomped the gas and parked it, nose to nose with Alex Bowman at the start/finish line. The crowd erupted as Hamlin did a burnout against the nose of Bowman’s car. Hamlin also took both hands off the steering wheel to give him the double bird finger.

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Alex Bowman: Hack

“He’s just a hack,” Hamlin said of Bowman after the race.

Hamlin added, “An absolute hack. He gets his ass-kicked by his teammates, every week. He’s fucking terrible, he’s just terrible.”

Less then a few hours after the race on Sunday, Alex Bowman had a new shirt listed on the internet.

The shirt is labeled the Martinsville Win Shirt. In big capital letters the shirt reads, “HACK” in purple letters.

The shirt is listed under pre-order for $24.99.

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Alex Bowman - HACK - Martinsville win shirt
Alex Bowman – HACK – Martinsville win shirt

Chase Elliott

Chase Elliott and Kevin Harvick also had a recent feud. Elliott and Harvick made contact at Bristol. Weeks later, Harvick retaliated on the Charlotte ROVAL.

However, Elliott crew was able to fix the car. Elliott climbed back into the top 15 and above the playoff cutline.

Meanwhile, Harvick crashed under braking into turn one, on his own, with Elliott in his mirror. After the crash, Harvick was eliminated from the Round of 8 in the NASCAR Playoffs.

Elliott said after the race, “As far as Kevin goes, I just want to wish them a merry off-season and a happy Christmas.”

Similar to his teammate, the Hendrick Motorsports driver had Merry-Offseason shirts listed online within hours of the comment.

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