Chase Elliott comments on Denny Hamlin crashing Ross Chastain

Denny Hamlin initiated payback on Ross Chastain at Pocono Raceway; Chase Elliott declared the winner after disqualifications

On Sunday, NASCAR raced at Pocono Raceway. The race was drama filled with disqualifications and payback.

At WWT Raceway, Ross Chastain wrecked Denny Hamlin while racing for position inside the top 10. Just a few laps later, Chastain spun Chase Elliott. Chastain took fault for both incidents.

Ross Chastain vs Denny Hamlin and Chase Elliott at WWT Raceway (Video)

Hamlin hinted that payback would come in the future.

A few weeks later, Chastain got loose under Hamlin at Atlanta Motor Speedway. As Chastain chased his car up the banking, he hooked Hamlin in the left rear, spinning him.

Ross Chastain crashes Denny Hamlin at Atlanta (Video)

Again, Hamlin noted that things would even out, another hint at payback.

On Sunday, Denny Hamlin and Ross Chastain restarted on the front row at Pocono Raceway in stage three. The entered turn one side by side, off the corner, Hamlin run him wide. Chastain ran out of room, bounced off the wall. As Chastain came off the wall, he collected Kevin Harvick.

Chastain was done for the day after making more contact with the inside wall.

Denny Hamlin crashes Ross Chastain for Pocono win; Payback (Video)

Chase Elliott comments on Hamlin wrecking Chastain

Hamlin went on to win the race but was later disqualified following post race inspection. The 2nd place finisher of Kyle Busch was also disqualified for the same violation.

Denny Hamlin disqualified after NASCAR win at Pocono Raceway

Chase Elliott, who crossed the finish line in 3rd was declared the official winner of the race. On Monday, Elliott took part in a teleconference after the race winner.

“I honestly thought Denny was pretty nice about it,” Elliott said Monday morning in a Zoom teleconference.

Elliott added, “He did run him up the track a little bit but he still left him some room there on exit after it was all said and done. I thought all things considered, he was pretty kind about what went on there.”

Elliott now has four wins in 2022, the most of any driver. Both Hamlin and Ky. Busch remain locked in the playoffs.


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