Jeffrey Earnhardt, Parker Kligerman talk at the haulers (Video)

Jeffrey Earnhardt was frustrated after being put in the wall at Daytona International Speedway

On Saturday night, the NASCAR Xfinity Series ran their season opener in Daytona Beach, Florida. The race at the 2.5-mile oval of Daytona International Speedway ended with a last lap crash that forced officials to make the winning call.

Watch the video as Jeffrey Earnhardt and Parker Kligerman talk it out after Daytona.

However, there was other drama. With 12 laps to go, the top 20 ran single file around the top lane of the track. At that point in the race, it’s near impossible to make a pass.

Jeffrey Earnhardt was running 10th with Parker Kligerman behind. Kligerman backed up several car lengths from his bumper to get a run.

With the run, Kligerman dove to the bottom in turn one. He never cleared Earnhardt with the run. But, he was attempting to island-hop him, using a run to pass a car at a time.

As Kligerman came up the track, he nearly cleared Earnhardt but not quite. Instead, Earnhardt remained on his right rear, while two feet alongside.

Kligerman continued up the hill anyway. It’s speculated that Kligerman was cleared on his radio by the spotter, according to fans who were listening to Kligerman’s radio.

Kligerman took the position away but stuffed Earnhardt in the fence through the process. The contact immediately cut down the right front tire on Earnhardt’s machine.

Earnhardt was forced to the pit lane, under green. His race was over.

After the checkered, Jeffrey Earnhardt went on a search for Kligerman. He eventually found him at Kligerman’s hauler. The two drivers talked it out with Earnhardt noticeably upset.

Both drivers then walked over to Earnhardt’s machine where they continued the conversation.

Daytona Race Results: February 18, 2023 (NASCAR Xfinity Series)

Jeffrey Earnhardt knocks Parker Kligerman for the move

“It’s pretty self-explanatory. He tried to clear himself and he wasn’t clear,” Jeffrey Earnhardt told Toby Christie after the race.

“He’s a smart driver. He’s not an idiot but that was a pretty idiotic move.”

Earnhardt added, “He’s got a great opportunity. But, if he’s going to drive like that he’s going to have a long season ahead of him. He won’t get no more break from me, that’s for damn sure.”

“You get a big-time ride, your head gets a little too big, I guess. He’s not that dumb but he sure acted like it tonight.”

“He’s in the infield care center right now. I didn’t realize he was in that last wreck. But, hopefully he don’t end up back in there after I’m done with him.”

Parker Kligerman comments

“I didn’t do anything to Jeffrey, I was just trying to move forward in the line,” Kligerman told Matt Weaver.

“I was backing up the lanes, trying to get runs. We got a big enough one that I was like, ‘Alright, I’m getting one spot.’ “

Jeffrey Earnhardt talks with Parker Kligerman after Daytona incident

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