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Rimac Concept One has a unique  powertrain is divided into four sub-systems, each consisting of one motor, inverter and reduction gearbox. Each of those systems drives one wheel, completely independent one from the other. Sophisticated ECUs control each of those systems using the input of many precise sensors placed all over the car. This architecture allows a new approach to vehicle dynamics. We call it – All Wheel Torque Vectoring (AWTV).

Each wheel can independently accelerate or decelerate hundreds of times per second, helping to achieve the desired (driver selectable) handling. Together with the very low center of gravity, extremely high torque available almost from zero RPM and the lack of shift interruptions, the Concept_One delivers a completely new driving experience.


Rimac Concept One Performance

Power output: 1088 hp
Torque: 1600 Nm from 0 to 6500 rpm
Acceleration: 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) 2,8 seconds
Range: up to 600 km (realistic range – 500 km)
Braking distance: 31.5m (100-0 km/h)
Lateral g-force: 1.4 g
Efficiency: 140-550 Wh/km
40 kW on-board charging
100 kW fast DC-charging
Weight-to-power ratio: 1.79 kg/hp
Weight distribution: 42% front, 58% rear


Rimac Concept One Dimensions

Total length: 4548 mm
Total width: 1997 mm
Total height: 1198 mm
Ground clearance: Rear: 115 mm, Front: 105 mm
Wheelbase: 2750 mm.
Dry weight: 1950 kg


Rimac Concept One Battery-Pack

Lithium-Iron-Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry
Configuration: 1400 cells – 200 series, 7 parallel
Voltage: 650V nominal
Capacity: 91 kWh
Cooling: Freon (gas) with high-voltage heat pumps
Milled aluminum and sheet aluminum housing
Rimac Automobili Active Battery and Thermal Management Systems
Several layers of redundant safety and protection systems

Rimac Concept One Chassis

Carbon fibre monocoque with integrated battery-pack
Carbon fibre sub-frames (front and rear)
Carbon fibre crash structure
Front and rear suspension: Double wishbones, fully adjustable, pushrod operated.
Electronically adjustable ride height.
Fully machined aluminum uprights and wishbones


Rimac Concept One Propulsion System

Rear: Rimac Automobili D-PM-OC-600 – high speed dual permanent magnet oil cooled motors, 600 kW peak, 10.000 RPM, up to 97% efficiency
Front: Rimac Automobili D-PM-OC-400 – high speed dual permanent magnet oil cooled motors, 400 kW peak, 10.000 RPM, up to 97% efficiency
Dry sump lubrication
Milled aluminum housings
Reduction gearbox ratio: 3,5


Rimac Concept One Steering

Rack and pinion electrically power assisted steering.


Rimac Concept One Brakes

Front brakes: Ventilated ceramic discs Ø 390 mm, 36 mm wide.
6-piston calipers, power-assisted.
Rear brakes: Ventilated ceramic discs Ø 380 mm, 34 mm wide.
4-piston calipers, power-assisted.
Up to 800 kW of regen-braking (adjustable)


Rimac Concept One Safety Systems

Front and side air-bags
Torque Vectoring with stability function
Safety disconnect systems in case of crash
Multiple ECU architecture for monitoring of safety-relevant electronic systems


Rimac Concept One Body

Full carbon-fibre body.


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