NASCAR CUP: Rusty Wallace Tests Daytona

Rusty Wallace Tests Daytona ( NASCAR CUP SERIES )

Rusty Wallace Tests Daytona in No. 2 Car

NASCAR Hall of Famer Rusty Wallace tests Daytona International Speedway. Wallace turned laps in his old ride, the No. 2 Ford for most of the day at Daytona Testing Friday. Wallace and Brad Keselowski talked about putting the legend back on the track.

RUSTY WALLACE, NASCAR Hall of Fame Driver – “I gotta tell you. I just want to thank everyone back at the shop that made this happen. Everyone in the Penske organization, Tim Cindric, Roger Penske. I really wanted to get back into the car and get a good feel of this Gen-6 car here at Daytona. Not only did they let me run a couple of times, but they let me run most of the day today and the car is fantastic. It is real smooth and nice and the crew was so kind. I hope I helped them out some. I gave them a lot of feedback. This guy here next to me has been really good to me all week long and I really appreciate it.”

BRAD KESELOWSKI, No. 2 Miller Lite Ford Fusion — WHAT KIND OF FEEDBACK AND WHAT DID IT MEAN TO YOU TO SEE ALL THE SMILES ON EVERYBODY’S FACES. EVEN DOUG YATES CAME OVER TO TAKE SOME PICTURES.  “It is really cool to me. Rusty is probably the reason why Miller Lite and Penske stayed together and got to the point where I have this opportunity. I like to think that I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for guys like Rusty and what he has done for the 2 team. It is our way of showing respect back. That is so important. There are a lot of people that make this program possible and Rusty is certainly one that was a large part of it. We want to show respect back to them and we wanted to do that today with Rusty and it was my pleasure.”

ANY CHANCE YOU MIGHT HAVE RUSTY GO TEST SOME MORE FOR YOU? “That is up to him. He did a great job today. If Rusty wants to drive my car he can drive it any time. Just don’t take my paycheck.”

RUSTY WALLACE CONTINUED – I THINK THAT SOUNDS LIKE AN OFFER. “Yeah, we need to go to Talladega and Daytona, that is no problem. Trying to hold this Blue Deuce wide open at Charlotte or Vegas might be above my pay grade at the moment. I need more reps to get that courage back up. What a great day this was. I had so much fun. It capped off a really good week and now it is go home, reload and head to Barrett Jackson to sell that beautiful car out there. Today was a special day for me. I broke a sweat, figured out how to lose a little weight. I figured it out, you just sit in that hot car. We got a pretty good lap out of the Miller Lite car today, I am proud of that.”

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