Surfboards by Leavine Family Racing Paint Scheme – NASCAR Easter Egg

Surfboards by Leavine Family Racing – Another awesome NASCAR Easter Egg paint scheme

The crew at Leavine Family Racing are at it again.

This weekend at Auto Club Speedway the #95 driven by Michael McDowell will be sporting a new sponsor. However, there’s a bit of an easter egg and marketing genius behind that sponsor. View the NASCAR Woodie Wagon photo album below.

NASCAR Woodie Wagan Paint Scheme Photo

Surfboards by Leavine Family Racing will be highlighted on the awesome #woodiewagan wrap. It’s a paint scheme that will certainly connect with my fellow hippie people of California.

The Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series team explains the paint scheme style. Stating the goal is to “Tie America’s car culture to the local flair of the traditional automotive enthusiast of Southern California.”

However, when you google that brand, you’ll be surprised. Enter the black helicopter…

You’ll come to find out, it isn’t a real brand at all. The logo and brand, both fabricated. Surfboards by Leavine Family Racing is an example product. A brand that doesn’t exist, created by the team themselves.

The idea is that when fans see that logo on the car, they consult Google. Upon consulting the search engine, you’ll land on the Leavine Family Racing Team website. The page then explains that they can do the same for your brand.

The page states, “By now you’ve figured out that we don’t build SURFBOARDS for the beach however, we do craft some of the most creative designs and fan experiences in NASCAR. This fun concept of LFR’s #WoodieWagon, represents what the process could look like for your brand in any market on the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series schedule.”

NASCAR Woodie Car Photo

Here you’ll find the inspiration. The 2017 NASCAR Woodie Wagan machine was inspired by a 1949 Mercury Woody Wagon.

The marketing campaign is proof by example. Proof that the program works. The car logo brought you to the LFR team website. The landing page discusses marketing opportunities available with the team. Basically, stating they could have sent people to your brand website instead.

This is the second time the team has applied this NASCAR Easter Egg to their racecar. They did it in 2016 with the “Rat Rods by Leavine Family Racing” paint scheme. A wrap that won the best paint scheme of 2016. Voted by who? Well, if you want to get technical, they didn’t really. There is no such award. But if a best paint scheme award existed… they would have won.

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Traditionally, teams without a sponsor will use a white car. A white car tells the fans “Hey we’re looking for a sponsor.” But the guys at Leavine Family Racing are at creativity : level 1000. They’ve formed a far more interesting way of doing the same thing. At the same time, proving that NASCAR marketing works.

Click to view the Surfboards by Leavine Family Racing page.

Michael McDowell is running the full season with Leavine Family Racing. Their best finish thus far came in the Daytona 500, where they finished 15th.

View the NASCAR Woodie car in the photo album below. The car debuts this weekend at Auto Club Speedway.

Author: Shane Walters


NASCAR Woodie Paint Scheme – LFR


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