F1 Drivers Meeting Video – Seen For the First Time in 20 Years

2017 F1 drivers briefing video – Go inside the Formula 1 drivers meeting, for the first time in 20 years

It’s very interesting. Watch the video below.

Since, Liberty Media purchased F1, a lot of interesting things have been happening inside the world of Formula One. This video below is just the latest example.

In the Bernie Ecclestone era of F1, things like this were never seen. F1 was exclusive, putting on a show while keeping the fans in the dark. Everything was super secret.

Now, we’re getting to see a behind the scene look as F1 officials speak to all F1 drivers ahead of last week’s Monaco Grand Prix.

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Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel
Photo: Mercedes AMG F1

You’ll see how F1 actively seeks discussion from drivers regarding possible rule changes and adjustments. A hot topic in this week’s Formula One drivers briefing was the battle between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel at Spain.

It’s an important topic. Drivers running wide, while racing, then being punished for running wide. As the argument goes, “We are racing?”

“Well the interesting point there was, it was very close because what the notes that I wrote said was, ‘if you go over the bumps, if you touch those two bumps across, then you have to go around the bollard.’ ”

“Lewis didn’t quite hit the bumps, he just missed them. I think it means that we need to look a little more carefully at that, because it would have been silly.” Sebastian Vettel jokingly chimes in, “Not really.”

F1 officials continue, “What Lewis did was absolutely in accordance with the notes that we sent out. He didn’t go over the bump, he just missed it. But if he had gone over the bump, what I’m saying is that if he put one wheel on it, it would have seemed a little harsh to have to go all the way around it.”

Felipe Massa chimes in on the issue of track limits, “I think there are two ways of looking at what’s happened, I mean in the Lewis case. He was fighting with another car, somebody touched him, and even if he goes more, I don’t see why he needs to go completely to the left and pass the cone.”

He continued, “So if you say that the guy just missed the corner, he goes straight, he needs to pass there. So I think when you’re fighting, you’ve already lost a position, you go wide. Why does he need to, you know? Even if he goes more [over the bumps]?”

Monaco Grand Prix Kerbs
Photo: Scuderia Toro Rosso

The next topic was the height of the curbs at the Monaco Grand Prix. Were they too high? Most of the drivers think they were.

Max Verstappen, “Yeah, I think that the yellow kerb here at the swimming pool is a bit high, isn’t it? I mean, so far today we haven’t really touched it, but if you have a little moment or whatever.”

F1 chimes in, “There seems to be some suggestion that it’s different from last year, but it’s not. It’s exactly the same. I have to admit that I haven’t measured it myself, but nor did I measure it last year, but these guys that built the circuit say that it’s exactly the same kerb. So, I’m a bit mystified by this. Forgetting whether it’s higher than it was last year, but you think it’s a bit too high anyway?”

Lewis Hamilton shakes wobbles his head, indicating he doesn’t know. Max Verstappen questions, “Maybe it’s a little faded?” F1 official, “Funny you should say that, it’s been painting about six times. I don’t think there’s much we can do about it now because it’s a fairly solid thing, but it is the same kerb that was there last year.”

Monaco Grand prix Curbs
Photo: Mercedes

Max Verstappen continues to lobby, “It’s a bit unnecessary high” Felipe Massa gives his opinion of changing multiple corners. Daniel Riccardo gives him a bit of trouble, “He is supposed to be retired, remember?”

Jokes aside, Daniil Kvyat chimes in to fight the curb issue, “Instead of a yellow trampoline, do you ever consider… to put that wall like it was 20 years ago or no it’s not an option?”

F1 lays down the law, “I don’t think that’s an option because of the approach speeds.”

Watch the full F1 drivers meeting video below.

F1 is back on track this weekend. It’s the Montreal Grand Prix from Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

Author: Shane Walters

2017 F1 Drivers Briefing Video
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