2017 Firecracker 100 Results – Lernerville Speedway – June 24, 2017 – WoOLMS

2017 Firecracker 100 results from Lernerville Speedway on June 24, 2017 featuring the World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Model Series

Tonight, the WoOLMS will rack ’em again at Lernerville Speedway. They already hosted Thursday’s makeup event earlier today. Now, tonight, it’s the conclusion of the Firecracker 100 in Sarver, PA.

Issues right off the bat for Colton Flinner. His engine let go.

Mike Norris took the top spot in Group A Qualifying. He circled Lernerville Speedway in 16.889 seconds.

Don O’Neal is making his first trip to Lernerville Speedway today. He led group B qualifying for the majority of the session. However, Kyle Bronson knocked him off the top spot at the tail end of qualifying. Bronson was quickest in Group B.

Tim McCreadie - 2017 Firecracker 100 Results - Lernerville Speedway
Tim McCreadie – (Photo: Shane Walters)

Heat 1
Tim Norris gets the early jump in the field. Tim McCreadie falls from his front row starting spot all the way back to 4th. He had to check out, the field swallowed the #39. McCreadie is coming back on the bottom. He up to 3rd, now 2nd. To the lead on the bottom. Tim McCreadie will charge back to take the heat 1 win.

This is the backup car for McCreadie. He put the primary in the wall in the first event this morning. McCreadie just won with the backup, “This car doesn’t feel as good. But maybe I don’t know what I’m suppose to feel.”

Heat 2
Green. Marlar and Bloomquist lead the field. 4 wide behind them. Caution, Tyler Erb is around. Bloomquist is looking for the lead. Marlar runs the middle as the rest of the field runs the bottom. Bloomquist drives right by and disappears into the distance. The defending Firecracker 100 winner takes the win in heat 2.

Scott Bloomquist following the heat win, “We’ve been working on this car gradually, it’s time for the big bucks.”

Heat 3
Green. Kyle Bronson jumped the start, he’s sent back to row 2. Madden and Lanigan lead the field. Madden gets the jump on Lanigan. Bronson is going backwards. Bagley and Frank run side-by-side for 3rd. Kyle Bronson has moved to the top, he’s now moving in the correct direction through the leaderboard.

Chubb and Bagley continue running side-by-side. Bronson and Heckernast are side by side as well, for 5th. They are both catching 3rd and 4th. Bronson clicks around Bagley on the outside, he dives to the bottom taking the bottom away from Bagley. Meanwhile, Chris Madden is the winner.

Don O'Neal - 2017 Firecracker 100 Results - Lernerville Speedway
Don O’Neal (Photo: Shane Walters)

Heat 4
Don O’Neal and Brandon Sheppard lead the field into turn 1. Don O’Neal drifts from the bottom to the top, Sheppard stays on the top all the way through turn 1.

Don O’Neal is barely clear of Sheppard, the #1 Rocket slides under his fuel cell and to the bottom. He can’t get it down in turn 3. O’Neal drives away. Caution.

O’Neal gets a great start. He carries Brandon Overton with him, the highside prevails. Overton isn’t done, slide job in turn 1. Move Overton to the lead. Zeigler sits in the 4th and final transfer spot, Junghans and Satterlee want it too. Junghans is around. Satterlee looks low as well, he can’t make it work. Overton is the first across the line!

Brandon Overton, “Just screwed up a little bit in qualifying. That was probably my fault again.”

2017 Firecracker 100 Results - Lernerville Speedway
Lernerville Speedway

Uncle Sam 30
Michael Lake and GR Smith battle side-by-side for the lead. They swap lanes, GR Smith to the bottom. A slide, new leader. Boom Briggs runs 3rd. As the leaders slowed each other down, it allowed Briggs to close. Caution. Now Briggs will really have a shot.

Lake gets a terrible restart. He falls to 6th before the start finish line. Boom Briggs sets sights on the leader. He looks low, he there. Cant close. GR Smith builds up the heat in his tires. He drives away.

GR Smith will win the Uncle Sam 30. He won’t start the main event, but at least he leaves with something.

2017 Firecracker 100 Results - Lernerville Speedway - World of Outlaws Late Model Series
Firecracker 100 starting grid

Main Event
Now, fans have been waiting all weekend for this one. They will finally get it! The 2017 Firecracker 100. 100 laps around Lernerville Speedway for the World of Outlaws Late Model Series drivers. Brandon Overton ad Darrell Lanigan will lead the field to green.

Bloomquist to the pits! Problems before the race even gets going.

Green flag. Brandon Overton jumps out to the early lead. Lanigan falls into 2nd. Tim McCreadie runs side-by-side with Mike Marlar. McCreadie prevails on the highside.

Problems! Darrell Lanigan is the next Lucas Oil driver to drop out of the race. No caution. Lanigan coasts to the pits. He was running 2nd.

Meanwhile, Overton is gone. 10 laps in and Overton is already deep in lapped traffic.

Lap 20, Tim McCreadie has chased down the leader. Slide job in turn 1, new leader. Turn 3, Overton returns the slide. McCreadie never led a lap! As these two dice, Marlar is reeling them both in.

Lap 30, the track is taking on a new shade. Understandable, given this is the second main race held on this track today. McCreadie ran comfortably behind Overton for several laps. Now, he’s looking more aggressive. Overton is bumping the lappers, he needs to get by. In the shake up, Marlar is around McCreadie.

Overton leads, no challengers.

Overton is struggling with the lappers. Marlar and McCreadie suddenly begun to move in again. Overton, Marlar, McCreadie all run the bottom. Nose to tail. Marlar is looking to the outside in turn 4, can’t get it done.

Marlar is experimenting. He’s trying several lines. However, he can’t get too crazy. Everytime he picks the wrong line, McCreadie takes a peak under him.

Marlar falls back in line. The entire field runs nose to tail. Overton is trapped behind a lapper but there’s no way around him. The track is locked down.

Don O’Neal has caught the fuel cell of McCreadie. Unless he does something crazy, there’s no door for a pass.

Brandon Overton is going to win the 2017 Firecracker 100!

Brandon Overton wins the 2017 Firecracker 100
Brandon Overton wins the 2017 Firecracker 100 at Lernerville Speedway

Brandon Overton speaks from victory lane, “This is the biggest win of my career so far.”

Author: Shane Walters

Qualifying – Group A
Firecracker 100 Results
June 24, 2017

1. Mike Norris (16.889); 2. Mike Marlar; 3. Tim McCreadie; 4. Scott Bloomquist; 5. Dale McDowell; 6. Joey Coulter; 7. Shane Clanton; 8. Devin Moran; 9. Rick Eckert; 10. Davey Johnson; 11. Russ King; 12. Tyler Erb; 13. Charles Powell Jr; 14. Jared Miley; 15. Dan Angellicchio; 16. Alex Ferree; 17. Todd Bachman; 18. Dan Stone; 19. Bump Hedman; 20. Ken Schaltenbrand; 21. John Weaver; 22. Colton Flinner

Qualifying – Group B
Firecracker 100 Results
June 24, 2017

1. Kyle Bronson (17.445); 2. Don O’Neal; 3. Darrell Lanigan; 4. Brandon Sheppard; 5. Chris Madden; 6. Gregg Satterlee; 7. Chub Frank; 8. Brandon Overton; 9. Morgan Bagley; 10. Boom Briggs; 11. Frank Heckenast Jr; 12. Mason Zeigler; 13. Eric Wells; 14. Chase Junghans; 15. Michael Lake; 16. GR Smith; 17. Matt Lux; 18. Joe Petyak; 19. Chad Hollenbeck; 20. Jake Gunn; 21. Joshua Powell; 22. Gary Lyle;

Heat 1
Firecracker 100 Results
June 24, 2017

(Top 4 Transfer): 1. Tim McCreadie; 2. Mike Norris; 3. Russ King; 4. Dale McDowell; 5. Shane Clanton; 6. Rick Eckert; 7. Todd Bachman; 8. Dan Angellicchio; 9. Charles Powell Jr; 10. Bump Hedman; 11. John Weaver

Heat 2
Firecracker 100 Results
June 24, 2017

(Top 4 Transfer): 1. Scott Bloomquist; 2. Mike Marlar; 3. Jared Miley; 4. Devin Moran; 5. Davey Johnson; 6. Tyler Erb; 7. Alex Ferree; 8. Dan Stone; 9. Joey Coulter; 10. Ken Schaltenbrand; 11. Colton Flinner

Heat 3
Firecracker 100 Results
June 24, 2017

(Top 4 Transfer): 1. Chris Madden; 2. Darrell Lanigan; 3. Chub Frank; 4. Kyle Bronson; 5. Frank Heckenast Jr; 6. Morgan Bagley; 7. Eric Wells; 8. Matt Lux; 9. Michael Lake; 10. Chad Hollenbeck; 11. Joshua Powell

Heat 4
Firecracker 100 Results
June 24, 2017

(Top 4 Transfer): 1. Brandon Overton; 2. Don O’Neal; 3. Brandon Sheppard; 4. Chase Junghans; 5. Mason Zeigler; 6. Gregg Satterlee; 7. GR Smith; 8. Boom Briggs; 9. Joe Petyak; 10. Jake Gunn

B Main 1
Firecracker 100 Results
June 24, 2017

(Top 3 Transfer): 1. Shane Clanton; 2. Rick Eckert; 3. Tyler Erb; 4. Davey Johnson; 5. Alex Ferree; 6. Charles Powell Jr; 7. Todd Bachman; 8. Joey Coulter; 9. Dan Stone; 10. Dan Angellicchio; 11. Bump Hedman; 12. Ken Schaltenbrand; 13. John Weaver; 14. Colton Flinner

B Main 2
Firecracker 100 Results
June 24, 2017

(Top 3 Transfer): 1. Mason Zeigler; 2. Frank Heckenast Jr; 3. Gregg Satterlee; 4. Morgan Bagley; 5. Eric Wells; 6. Michael Lake; 7. GR Smith; 8. Boom Briggs; 9. Matt Lux; 10. Chad Hollenbeck; 11. Joe Petyak; 12. Gary Lyle; 13. Jake Gunn; 14. Joshua Powell;

Uncle Sam 30
Firecracker 100 Results
June 24, 2017

(0 Transfer): 1. GR Smith; 2. Boom Briggs; 3. Dan Angellicchio; 4. Michael Lake; 5. Dan Stone; 6. Chad Hollenbeck; 7. Bump Hedman; 8. Charles Powell Jr; 9. Colton Flinner; 10. Joe Petyak; 11. Ken Schaltenbrand; 12. Todd Bachman; 13. Jake Gunn; 14. John Weaver; 15. Joshua Powell; 16. Gary Lyle; 17. Davey Johnson;

Main Event
Firecracker 100 Results
June 24, 2017

Brandon Overton tops 2017 Firecracker 100 results at Lernerville Speedway

1. Brandon Overton
2. Mike Marlar
3. Tim McCreadie
4. Don O’Neal
5. Chris Madden
6. Dale McDowell
7. Russ King
8. Brandon Sheppard
9. Mike Norris
10. Chub Frank
11. Shane Clanton
12. Devin Moran
13. Chase Junghans
14. Gregg Satterlee
15. Rick Eckert
16. Eric Wells
17. Tyler Erb
18. Rank Heckenast Jr
19. Joey Coulter
20. Morgan Bagley
21. Alex Ferree
22. Jared Miley
23. Kyle Bronson
24. Mason Zeigler
25. Matt Lux
26. Darrell Lanigan
27. Scott Bloomquist


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